Lavender Color

HEX color code is #E6E6FA and the RGB is 230, 230, 250

A pale shade of purple gaining its name from the beautiful flower under the same name. Lavender is a lovely and subtle shade, which tells a stroy of wisdom and intelligence, intertwined with love and romance, with hints of simplicity and modernism.

How the color is made: lavender, as well as other shades of purple, are made by mixing red and blue, but in the case of lavender, we add white to lighten up the color. And in RGB color space, it is made up of 230/255 red (~90.2% of red), 230/255 green (~90.2% of green), 250/255 blue (~98.04% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it is comprised of 7% cyan, 7% magenta, and 1% black, without any yellows added.

History: like purple, lavender is connected to wealth and social status because violet pigments were pricy. And the first use of lavender as a color was in the beginnings of the 18th century. The flower was used by ancient Egyptian in mummification, as well as a fragrance in many other culture. In modern times, it is often used in cosmetics and soap industry, gaining a new association of cleanness. Nowadays, it is used in various visuals of lighter tones due to its added sense of modernism and other associations.

Color in Action

Lavender and other shades of purple were a sign of royalty and status as it was used by upper-class throughout history. But it takes another thing from purple, its power to tease imagination as well as its association with intelligence and spirituality. It portrays respect, but also the color is so romantic to be used as a gift packaging to your loved ones. In interior design though, it can be used as a whole-paint as well as an accent, and it boosts clarity due to lavender flower healing powers giving that to the color. In fashion, its subtle hue and feminine tone can be a great addition to your clothing.

Lavender Dress
Lavender Nails
Lavender Sofa

Colors that go with Lavender

Lavender goes well with different hues due to its muted tone, one of the colors it works well with light pale yellows. But it also gets along with light neutrals such as white, cream and alabaster. Most of the colors that works greatly with lavender are light pale pastels, from both sides warm and cold colors, such as pinks blues, yellows, and even browns.

Lavender Dress Color Combination
Lavender Nails Color Combination
Lavender Sofa Color Combination

Lavender Color Palettes and Schemes

Analogous color palettes with lavender look wonderful, just add various light and dark shades of purple and observe the outcome visual, no matter what is your taste you'll find it soothing. White, green, cream, beige, and light tan create an alive harmony with lavender adding motion to its dormant energy. Lavender can be used with dark color palettes including black, indigo, dark gray and night blue, where it cheers these colors up. Yet to create a feminine color palette, use feminine colors such as pinks, lilac, rose, and dust blue to add some balance to this mix.

Lavender Dress Color Palette
Lavender Nails Color Palette
Lavender Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Lavender on its own can be used as both a foreground and a background color. Yet, to add mor interest to the background, it is preferred to use light pastels alongside lavender to create stunning gradients, that not only be a good background but the can also be used graciously in wallpapers both in-screen and physical.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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