Lemon Color

HEX color code is #EFE726 and the RGB is 239, 231, 38

If a color could have an effervescent personality then Lemon would be that congenial color because of its cheeriness. Lemon has a cheeky tone to it which can be seen in Hans Arp’s “Configuration” portrait from 1928, where luminescent Lemon adds a pop of intrigue to the diagonal Blue and Black background sections, creating a sassy vibe.

How the color is made: Lemon is made by mixing Light yellow with Pure Yellow to proceed a tangy hue that looks like ripe citrus dangling from a branch.

History: Historically, Lemon was the color that was linked to idealism and radiance, with several religious paintings depicting holy figures like Mary and Jesus with Lemon-colored halos above their heads.

Color in Action

Lemon made a comeback on fashion runways in 2020 and hasn’t left with several designers incorporating this zesty color in their recent Spring and Summer collections. Lemon has been dubbed “Gen-Z Yellow” with actors like Anna Taylor-Joy wearing a two-piece dress at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards, and Beyonce looking dreamy in a Lemon gauze and feather masterpiece in Dubai.
Lemon furnishings like pillows and drapery work well in a room that has Duck-Egg Blue walls with dark wood floors to create an enchanting space for relaxing or entertaining. Think about incorporating elements of gold gilding like mirrors or lamp bases into a Lemon color scheme that feels like an opulent Grecian setting.

Lemon Dress
Lemon Nails
Lemon Sofa

Colors that go with Lemon

Complement Lemon with Electric Blue for an impressive jolt of color for the eyes. These colors sit far away from each other on the color wheel and create a pleasing tug on the emotions when viewed in graphic design.

Lemon Dress Color Combination
Lemon Nails Color Combination
Lemon Sofa Color Combination

Lemon Color Palettes and Schemes

Chestnut wood and Lemon have a monochromatic palette that mimics a lemon orchard’s scenery and feel.

Lemon Dress Color Palette
Lemon Nails Color Palette
Lemon Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A Moroccan lattice pattern with Lemon and White will create a lively feeling, while Lemon and Black striped wallpaper adds a sense of drama to a room.

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Abstract Lines
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