Lemon Yellow Color

HEX color code is #FEF250 and the RGB is 254, 242, 80

Lemon Yellow produces a feeling of freshness and vitality. Lemons have a sharp taste that is versatile in many dishes. Likewise, Lemon Yellow has a striking effect when viewed but can also have a sunny and delightful influence on a person’s mood.

How the color is made: Lemon Yellow is made by mixing Pale Yellow with Pure Yellow to create a color that mimics the dimpled skin of a lemon.

History: Ancient Egyptians worship the sun god, Ra, and believed that Lemon Yellow was a sacred color. They viewed Lemon Yellow as symbolic of invincibility and eternal glory which is why Lemon Yellow was used for the gods’ skin tones in their artworks.

Color in Action

Lemon Yellow has made its grand entrance into interior design with its inclusion in kitchen design that looks marvelous. Lemon Yellow is considered a friendly color and it seems fitting that this cheery color be used in a room that is often called the heart of the home.
Lemon Yellow needs to be used with caution and a masterful attentive eye, because if it is overused or overpowering then it can sometimes create an agitated feeling. Interior designers and fashion designers can use Lemon Yellow to create a look that is radiant and astute.

Lemon Yellow Dress
Lemon Yellow Nails
Lemon Yellow Sofa

Colors that go with Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow looks fantastic with a brilliant Sky Blue because the warmth of the Yellow is energized by the coolness of the Blue.

Lemon Yellow Dress Color Combination
Lemon Yellow Nails Color Combination
Lemon Yellow Sofa Color Combination

Lemon Yellow Color Palettes and Schemes

Lime Green and Orange work well with Lemon Yellow to introduce a feeling of freshness when used in food packaging and product design. Lemon Yellow and Dark Yellow create a monochromatic look that is visible in nature when looking at sunflowers.

Lemon Yellow Dress Color Palette
Lemon Yellow Nails Color Palette
Lemon Yellow Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A patterned Lemon Yellow rug can add some warmth to a cement floor, while a Lemon Yellow wallpaper with white flowers can give a cottage-core look to a room.

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