Light Brown Color

HEX color code is #C89D7C and the RGB is 200, 157, 124

Light Brown is the color of curly-haired teddy bears and lively llamas. Light Brown has a calm and warm hue that feels snuggly and comforting like a milky cinnamon-infused drink. Because Light Brown is a neutral color it can be paired with virtually any color. Its warmth makes it particularly well-suited to match cool colors like Blue and Violet.

How the color is made: To make Light Brown blend Very Pale Yellow with Dark Orange which will produce a smooth and heart-warming Brown hue.

History: Light Brown was typically associated with animal furs and warmth. It is a color that depicts comfort, humility, and agrarianism that is associated with plowing the earthy and harvesting produce.

Color in Action

Light Brown isn’t a show color, but it is the workhorse of the wardrobe. It can form the foundational look of an outfit and can be dressed up or down according to the situation or occasion. It is a versatile color that doesn’t overpower other colors but rather offers a supporting role to emphasize the radiance of brighter hues.
Light Brown can be painted on door frames and doors to add some dimension to a space. Think about painting the inside panels of bookshelves to create an interesting look in a room. Light Brown will look fantastic in a nursery especially if there are framed images of baby bears and foxes hung on the walls.

Light Brown Dress
Light Brown Nails
Light Brown Sofa

Colors that go with Light Brown

Match Light Brown with Slightly Desaturated Blue for a complementary color scheme that looks surprisingly sophisticated in its simplicity. This is achieved because the icy Blue balances out the warm Brown.

Light Brown Dress Color Combination
Light Brown Nails Color Combination
Light Brown Sofa Color Combination

Light Brown Color Palettes and Schemes

Of course monochromatic color palettes with Light Brown are always relaxing and comforting because they feel harmonious.

Light Brown Dress Color Palette
Light Brown Nails Color Palette
Light Brown Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Gingham patterns with Light Brown and White have a classic look that feels playful and unexpected.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton