Light Orange Color

HEX color code is #FBBF77 and the RGB is 251, 191, 119

Orange is the color most associated with the citrus fruit of the same name. Light orange is often seen in ancient paintings because it gives vibrancy to the artwork that adds an element of whimsy. Light orange is generally considered a friendly and fun color that is often used in children’s clothing and decor.

How the color is made: Light orange is made using a combination of Almost White Yellow and Pure Orange.

History: Light Orange was considered a symbol of kinship and knowledge in ancient native American cultures.
Occurence: In Monet’s famous painting titled, “Impression Sunrise” the artist depicts a misty French harbor with a Light Orange orb as the sun casting a playful reflection on the dull water.

Color in Action

Light Orange creates a sense of vitality and trendiness when used in fashion. Celebrities are fond of donning Light Orange outfits to make a statement. Justin Bieber wore a Light Orange vintage-style suit in his music video “Peaches” for a unique twist that had a laid-back effect

Light Orange Dress
Light Orange Nails
Light Orange Sofa

Colors that go with Light Orange

Creating a split-complementary color scheme with Light Orange involves including Soft Blue and Soft Cyan which will give any design a fresh and social feel. An analogous color scheme that works well in fashion would include Soft Red and Soft Yellow because this scheme is warm and energetic.

Light Orange Dress Color Combination
Light Orange Nails Color Combination
Light Orange Sofa Color Combination

Light Orange Color Palettes and Schemes

Color palettes that include Light Orange with Dark Moderate Green variations mimic nature, particularly marigolds that are in full bloom. Another popular Light Orange color palette is the monochromatic one that incorporates lighter and darker versions of the color to create a cohesive feel.

Light Orange Dress Color Palette
Light Orange Nails Color Palette
Light Orange Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Patterns that use Light Orange lines to create a grid on a white background can create a sense of balance and creativity in a design. While wallpapers that use a Light Orange background with an Onyx abstract pattern are dramatic and stimulating.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton