Light Purple Color

HEX color code is #A865C9 and the RGB is 168, 101, 201

Light Purple is a noble color with baronial influences and was often used for portraits of religious figures or deities. In Domenico del Ghirlandaio’s portrait in the Sistine Chapel, St. Victor I is wearing a Light Purple robe to signify his ordained position and recognized wisdom.

How the color is made: Light Purple is created by mixing very Light Magenta and Dark Violet.

History: Historically, Light Purple was a color that was assigned to religious figures in the church. The color was however not as intense as the Deep Purples that kings and queens wore and was deemed fitting for men of the cloth.

Color in Action

In 2021 Selena Gomez donned a Light Purple wig in her collaboration video “999” with Camilo with mesmerizing results. Fans were obsessed with the Light Purple hues throughout the video and the playful sexy vibe that it enticed.
A Light Purple bedroom will feel plush and pretty. Upholster the headboard with Light Purple suede, hang sheer Lavender curtains, and dress the bed in crisp White linen for an instantly relaxed romantic look.

Light Purple Dress
Light Purple Nails
Light Purple Sofa

Colors that go with Light Purple

Match Light Purple with desaturated Light Lime green and desaturated Orange for a look that reminds one of the purple and gold lavender fields at the start of the Fall season.

Light Purple Dress Color Combination
Light Purple Nails Color Combination
Light Purple Sofa Color Combination

Light Purple Color Palettes and Schemes

A color palette with Light Purple, Very Dark Violet, and Light Grayish Violet creates a sensual mood that feels tender and yet exciting, especially when used in a boudoir. Not surprisingly, Light Purple can also work wonderfully with Black and Metallic Gold to add luxury and sophistication to a design.

Light Purple Dress Color Palette
Light Purple Nails Color Palette
Light Purple Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A trellis pattern in Light Purple and White feels airy and open, while a wallpaper in a floral design with Light Green and Cream has a cottage-core vibe.

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Abstract Lines
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