Lilac Color

HEX color code is #DCD0FF and the RGB is 220, 208, 255

A warm light shade of purple featuring a light pinkish undertone; starting as a color of wealth and social status, as it was expensive. And ending up being a color of love and passion, rooting back to its beautiful origin, lilies!

How the color is made: as many purple shades lilac is made by mixing red and blue pigments, adding white to soften the color. And in RGB color space, it amounts to 220/255 red (~86.27% of red), 208/255 green (~81.57% of green), 255/255 blue (~100.0% of blue). And in CMYK color space, its components are 13% cyan, 18% magenta, with no yellow or black.

History: lilac was first used in late 18 century deriving from the flowers under the same name. Through out history, purples were associated with power and wealth due to their expense, but also because they are favoured by aristocrats. Lilac was favoured by Russian empress Catherine the Great. Lilac was, and still, used by mourning women after the first mourning period passes, it is less strong than black and prepares them to rehabilitate. Lately, lilac became a trend in fashion, it is even declared by top fashion magazines as the color of the year 2018.

Color in Action

Due to its pinkish undertone, lilac is considered a highly feminine color, it screams with positive feminine traits of caring, loving and passion; while also appearing charming, charismatic and intelligent. It can be used as whole-paint color or as accents in interior design, where it will give an aura of energy and warmth making the room mind-stimulant and relaxing at the same time.

Lilac Dress
Lilac Nails
Lilac Sofa

Colors that go with Lilac

Lilac works well with a variety of colors as it is very versatile, it goes well with grays, greens such as olive green, oranges and yellow. But for a more analogous look, pair lilac with purples of different shades or pick up on its pinkish undertone with a soft shade of pink or rose. Lilac goes well with light neutrals such as white, cream or light warm pastels.

Lilac Dress Color Combination
Lilac Nails Color Combination
Lilac Sofa Color Combination

Lilac Color Palettes and Schemes

For a feminine vibe use lilac with pinks, yellows, or oranges. Yet for a neutral color you can pair it with tan, beige, and brown alongside dark violet with a dark base color. But to create a more organic color pallette, use lilac with deep greens such as forest green or olive green. Other pastel colors might include dust blue, pastel violets and sage green.

Lilac Dress Color Palette
Lilac Nails Color Palette
Lilac Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Lilac can be used as a background for various kinds of graphics. Natural patterns such as flowers with some green shade will look amazing in lilac especially against a cream background, these patterns or the plain color - or pastel gradients - will be great for wallpapers especially for screens as the will add more life to them.

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Abstract Lines
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