Mahogany Color

HEX color code is #5F1510 and the RGB is 95, 21, 16

A luxurious color that is used in many things from natural painting, wooden instrument, furniture, graphic design, and even automobile industry. Mahogany is reddish brown color signifying the power of nature and suggesting youth and liveliness. Meanwhile, it is also a sign of luxury, richness and stability.

How the color is made: you can get the color mahogany by mixing red, purple and brown. And in RGB color space, it is made up of 95/255 red (~37.25% of red), 21/255 green (~8.24% of green), 16/255 blue (~6.27% of blue). Yet it is more clear in CMYK color space, as its components are 77% magenta, 83% yellow, and 62% black, with no cyan added.

History: mahogany got its name from trees native to latin America, it is believed that the trees were named by native Mayans; which was latter picked up by explorers. In art we can see mahogany in landscapes of nature as various shades of brown are present. Yet, one of the artworks worthy of mentioning is a painting of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian called "Mahogany", capturing the tree where you can clearly see the color at the tree trunk.
Occurence: Mahogany is popular in wood things from furniture to music instruments.

Color in Action

The color seems very heavy and grounded, yet it also seem luxurious and pricy; due to its association with the valuable wood. The color is extremely popular as a hair dye due to the deep look it gives to whoever wears it. In furniture, as well as in musical equipment, it seem extremely luxurious and fancy. And it brings the outside indoors if used with shades of green.

Mahogany Dress
Mahogany Nails
Mahogany Sofa

Colors that go with Mahogany

To pick up on the red undertone of mahogany and choose a complementary, you can use pale cool colors such as gray blue, green blue, and light blue. Yet, other shades of gray can be used as a base for mahogany. Dark green colors such as forest green, add some natural and rich feeling to mahogany.

Mahogany Dress Color Combination
Mahogany Nails Color Combination
Mahogany Sofa Color Combination

Mahogany Color Palettes and Schemes

Nature inspired color palette like using various shades of green, brown, sky blue would give a rich feeling to your room, especially, if you use mahogany as an accent. Other color palette might include beige, taupe, cream, and these would create a more soft look and feel to your room or clothing.

Mahogany Dress Color Palette
Mahogany Nails Color Palette
Mahogany Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Mahogany is a wood, so wood pattern would look gorgeous when rendered using mahogany. The color looks bold when used as a background color, check out trendy shiny mahogany used in coloring cars to get what I am trying to convey. In wallpapers, it looks somehow dark and mysterious, especially in physical media. In digital media, it can be used as an accent for dark user interfaces.

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Abstract Lines
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