Maple Color

HEX color code is #B88E72 and the RGB is 184, 142, 114

Maple is more the color of the wood from the tree of the same name than it is the color of the syrup that results from the tree sap. It is a soft warm brown that can be seen on curly-haired teddy bears and labrador retriever puppies.

How the color is made: To make the maple color mix very pale yellow and very dark orange that tends more toward brown.

History: Traditionally, Maple was a color associated with nature and was considered a neutral color even though it has an orange undertone.

Color in Action

Incorporate Maple colors into a kitchen by displacing breadboards, bread bins, knife blocks, and salt and pepper grinders that have Maple shades. This will add a rustic and natural look to even the most modern kitchens.
Maple is a gorgeous neutral light brown that feels warm in winter and cool in summer because of its softer hue. Wear Maple with light pink for a feminine feel or with navy blue for a more serious look. Maple shoes are always trendy and Steven Madden has some gorgeous two-toned Maple-colored heels that will look fantastic for a date night.

Maple Dress
Maple Nails
Maple Sofa

Colors that go with Maple

Match Maple with a powdery slate blue for a fun twist on the traditional complementary color combination. Or pair Maple with desaturated violet and desaturated lime green for a triadic color scheme that feels unique.

Maple Dress Color Combination
Maple Nails Color Combination
Maple Sofa Color Combination

Maple Color Palettes and Schemes

Maples monochromatic color palette is warm and can benefit from some cooler browns like pewter, trout, and steel, which are all browns that are mixed with a little gray pigment.

Maple Dress Color Palette
Maple Nails Color Palette
Maple Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Wallpaper designs that use Maple, white, dark red, and mocha in a plaid pattern will feel fun with a classic aesthetic. Maple and black animal prints, like zebra, will have an original twist to the traditional color combinations.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton