Maroon Color

HEX color code is #800000 and the RGB is 128, 0, 0

A deep red color often seen as a brown, and due to its dark tone, it is often more subtle and versatile than red and hence considered more elegant and definitely artistic.

How the color is made: maroon can be achieved by mixing red paint with a small amount of blue then adding traces of yellow. In RGB color space, its only component is 128/255 of red (~50.2% of red) with no green or blue. And in CMYK color space it is made by mixing full scale magenta and yellow, and 49% of black without adding cyan to the mix.

History: the word maroon came from French for chestnut, a nut with same deep red hue, and it was first used in English in 1789. It was and still used in school uniforms and sports teams paired with gray or gold colors. And now it found its way to restaurants branding from logos to menus as red stimulates appetite and maroon takes that while adding some modernism and elegance.

Color in Action

While red is often intense and invokes feelings of passion, love and anger; maroon takes some of these feelings without intensity. Also, red is often associated with stimulating appetite, which makes maroon a good candidate for branding in restaurants, as it takes good parts of red and leaves bad associations behind. That makes maroon more luxurious than its parent. Also, due to its brownish undertone, it can be used in interior design with a variety of palettes, after all you can use maroon as whole-paint where red would seem exaggerated. In fashion, maroon works well and it fits a variety of skin tones, both as a clothing primary color or as an accessory.

Maroon Dress
Maroon Nails
Maroon Sofa

Colors that go with Maroon

The direct complementary color to maroon is a dark deep green, when used together the invoke a feeling of the jungle and would make your room appear more alive and almost breathing. Using maroon, dark green with olive adds even more interest to the room, while they won't make your place look modern they make it more antique while giving it a sense of an ever-living forest which would be a good retirement and rest from day jobs. Maroon also fits reds and browns of all tones, which will give your fashion a sense of unity and conformity. Add a touch of navy blue to tone down the warmth of greens and maroon. Other great colors that goes well with our color is black, they can live next to each other without maroon taking all the attention.

Maroon Dress Color Combination
Maroon Nails Color Combination
Maroon Sofa Color Combination

Maroon Color Palettes and Schemes

To create a single "color" or analogous color palette, use maroon alongside black, grays and shades of maroon. Yet, for a more organic palette, add greens and to tone down the palette add navy blue. It is better to use a neutral as a base for your color palette, grays, cream, white and tan are perfect candidates for this position.

Maroon Dress Color Palette
Maroon Nails Color Palette
Maroon Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Patterns of maroon may include earth patterns, but they are also great for using in geometric patterns both line art and using circles. Maroon can be used as a whole-paint, hence it can be used as a background color for multiple kinds of graphics, including restaurant menus, brochures and other art forms. That can also be said for wallpapers, which might be the plain color or patterns based on it.

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Abstract Lines
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