Matcha Color

HEX color code is #74A12E and the RGB is 116, 161, 46

Matcha is a deep green color, hence it is a stress-relieving color, and it seems very organic. Observing matcha closely will instantly teleport you to a warm and calming forest.

How the color is made: matcha is mostly green color, yet it is slightly reddish with a faint hint of blue. Its RGB components: 116/255 red (~45% of red), 161/255 green (~63% of green), 46/255 blue (~18% of blue).

History: matcha is found in nature; because it is a green color. One of the best usecases in history is Frida Kahlo's paintings, for example Self-Portrait with Monkey 1940. Matcha suggests calmness and healing power of forests; and that's why it is used as both a primary color and an accent in interior design. And it is also used in fashion.

Color in Action

Matcha the color, named after the herb/tea, like matcha tea, it screams with life, growth while maintaining calmness.
Matcha can be found in almost all natural paintings if examined closely, it is used to emphasizes that the leaf is alive, also can be used as a shadow for new leaves.
It is used in some old cars, in fashion design and even in special phone editions. Also in furniture, especially kitchen tools as it is not only clean, but also lively.

Matcha Dress
Matcha Nails
Matcha Sofa

Colors that go with Matcha

Matcha works well with light browns, dark yellows and light grays, also it works well vibrant purples.

Matcha Dress Color Combination
Matcha Nails Color Combination
Matcha Sofa Color Combination

Matcha Color Palettes and Schemes

For creating a modern look, use light colors (browns and grays). Yet, purples create dynamic harmonies with matcha, and yellows are perfect for creating gradients.

Matcha Dress Color Palette
Matcha Nails Color Palette
Matcha Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Leaves and branches are great example of how you might possibly use matcha in your backgrounds and wallpapers. Likewise, plant patterns are really wonderful when rendered using matcha.

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Abstract Lines
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