Mauve Color

HEX color code is #E0B0FF and the RGB is 224, 176, 255

Mauve is a light purple color with a bluish undertone. Opposing to lavender, mauve with its bluish undertone sits between violet and pink making it more feminine. Yet it is similar to lilac and lavender as it also took its name from a flower.

How the color is made: mauve can be made by mixing blue, red and white, with a substantial amount of white. And in RGB color space, it is comprised of 224/255 red (~87.84% of red), 176/255 green (~69.02% of green), 255/255 blue (~100.0% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it consists of 12% cyan, 30% magenta, without adding any yellow or black.

History: mauve got its name from French name for mallow flower "mauve", the color was named mallow before that. The color was produced by expensive natural pigments making it unaffordable for the public, hence the association with royalty. Until an accidental discovery of a synthetic pigment took place in the 19th century making the color a popular trend to the point of naming that period mauve decade. It was not only used by the public, it was a favorite for the upper-class still. Notable figures such as Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III and Queen Victoria. Then that wave faded with time until reemergence in the 80s. In art though, it wasn't very popular, but it was a favorite amongst impressionists like Monet, that can be depicted in his artworks like Morning on the Seine near Giverny.

Color in Action

As discussed earlier, mauve takes some of violet characteristics like its association with royalty, power and authority. The the light tone manages to portray other features of purple like imagination and respect even more. Mauve is also a color of nostalgia and romance, invoking different objective emotions. The color is also somehow more alive than other shades of purple, making it a symbol of youth, purity and perfectionism.

Mauve Dress
Mauve Nails
Mauve Sofa

Colors that go with Mauve

Mauve is versatile, making the color a great fit for various colors of different hues. A direct complementary is menthol green and together they create stunning visuals. Mauve also works well with analogous colors like lavender, vodka and various shades of light blues, purples and pinks. Pastel yellows, cream, khaki and white can also be used as neutral alongside mauve.

Mauve Dress Color Combination
Mauve Nails Color Combination
Mauve Sofa Color Combination

Mauve Color Palettes and Schemes

Analogous colors create comforting feel, while further intensify purple and blue's positive associations. Using pinks with mauve gives more feminine palette that are perfect for multiple places and occasions. Pastel yellows and green add happiness and live for your palette, while keeping the intensity of your graphics down. You can use neutrals such as white, beige or taupe to make mauve pop up and appear even more interesting.

Mauve Dress Color Palette
Mauve Nails Color Palette
Mauve Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Mauve can be used as a background and a foundation for paintings capturing sunset in seascapes and mountain paintings. It can be used as a wallpaper either as a plain swatch or paintings, and even more interesting if gradients or patterns are used. Patterns of nature are the best types to be based on mauve, especially flowers or even sunset clouds.

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