Mint Color

HEX color code is #75D09A and the RGB is 117, 208, 154

Green colors suggest growth, youth, power. Yet pale greens ,such as mint, tell a more compelling story. As pale greens evoke the feeling of being renewed, because they are the first colors we see in springs. Hence, mint give a feeling of reliving youth and energy renewal.

How the color is made: mint is created by mixing almost half way green in RGB with half of that amount of red and blue. Its RGB components: 72/255 red (~28% of red), 125/255 green (~49% of green), 73/255 blue (~29% of blue). Or almost 40% of cyan and yellow (42%), and half of black (51%) in the CMYK color space.

History: like other greens, mint is found in nature; especially at the beginning of spring. As it is dark and pale shade of gray, which suggests the awakening of branches, leaves and grass. Greens have been used through history dating back to ancient Egypt and Greece, they suggest growth and resemble nature itself. In modern times, they are used as main colors for environmentalists, sustainability and, guess what?, green power.

Color in Action

If mint is used in internal design, it gives a refreshing feeling just like the smell of mint. Moreover, spring fashion often contains mint to be more conforming to nature and spring vibes. That creates harmony between you and nature, by association, it gives you the feeling of renewal, and bring back spring memories.

Mint Dress
Mint Nails
Mint Sofa

Colors that go with Mint

mint comes from nature, so any other natural color creates a perfect harmony with mint. Yet, for a great balance use other dark pale cool colors, such as pale violet, dark pale blues, ... etc.

Mint Dress Color Combination
Mint Nails Color Combination
Mint Sofa Color Combination

Mint Color Palettes and Schemes

For creating a pale, dark, yet interesting color palettes; use other cool colors such as berry. But other greens work greatly with mint to create an analogous look and feel. Also, mint fits being used with silver, light greys and white as those draw more attention to it.

Mint Dress Color Palette
Mint Nails Color Palette
Mint Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Natural looking patterns like leaves and branches are greatly rendered using mint. Also, other non-geometric patterns are wonderfully colored using mint. Grassy patterns create great backgrounds for any nature-inspired graphics; those inturn add springy and lively feeling when used as backgrounds.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton