Mocha Color

HEX color code is #A07B71 and the RGB is 160, 123, 113

Mocha is a color that has the warmth of ginger and the depth of chocolate. It falls between other brown colors like sepia and chestnut because of its ratio of brown to red to orange, making it a slightly muted sandy brown that looks like a milk latte. Mocha-colored hair has slightly golden undertones that can sway toward the orange spectrum on the color wheel.

How the color is made: To make mocha mix very pale yellow with very dark brownish orange.

History: Historically, Mocha was a color associated with tree bark, soil, and pinto beans. It was a color associated with farming, agriculture, and intensive labor, and as such was a color linked to farm laborers.

Color in Action

Mocha is a staple color in fashion design with many designers like Chanel, Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton creating every conceivable size and shape bag imaginable. Mocha looks amazing when paired with gold accents and supple fabrics, so these bags are often designed with patent or genuine leather exteriors and shiny gold chains and buckles.
Mocha in a home office creates a modern aesthetic that makes the space feel calming and not too corporate. Use Mocha in a kitchen to create a contemporary rustic atmosphere that will have everybody flocking to this attractive space.

Mocha Dress
Mocha Nails
Mocha Sofa

Colors that go with Mocha

Match Mocha with slate blue for a complementary color swatch that has a subdued and masculine feel in a design, or pair Mocha with its analogous neighbors, slightly desaturated red and slightly desaturated yellow, so create a color combination that feels spicy and smooth.

Mocha Dress Color Combination
Mocha Nails Color Combination
Mocha Sofa Color Combination

Mocha Color Palettes and Schemes

Mocha’s tonal color palette will run the gamut of warm browns, so try pairing it with sandy brown hues or grayish oranges colors.

Mocha Dress Color Palette
Mocha Nails Color Palette
Mocha Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A Mocha background with a bronze Fleur de lis pattern will feel classy and French. A basketweave patterned wallpaper will continue the rustic feel that Mocha naturally possesses.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton