Mulberry Color

HEX color code is #C54B8C and the RGB is 197, 75, 140

Whether it’s Chrissie Hynde (from The Pretenders) with her Mulberry hair, or a shade of Dior lipstick, the color of mulberries is one that keeps growing more popular each year.

How the color is made: To make Mulberry mix Very Light Magenta with Dark Red,and the resulting color will evoke visions of juicy plump mulberries dangling from thin Green stalks.

History: Historically, Mulberry has been the color of excitement, excess, and sometimes frenzied passion. In fact, the Victoria’s Secret fragrance called “Pure Seduction” has the signature Mulberry color on its bottle.

Color in Action

Mulberry is a popular color in cosmetics ranges, with rouge, eye shadow, and lipstick in this alluring shade always front and center at the beauty counter. Hair dye can be applied to any hair type to achieve a lustrous Mulberry sheen. Mulberry headbands, nail polish, and shoes are some more of the fashion and beauty accessories that benefit from this seductive color.
Decorate a room with Mulberry by covering dining room chairs in Mulberry-colored velvet or adding a plush Mulberry satin throw to the foot of the bed. Orchid plants with Mulberry-colored blooms instantly add a delicate feel to a room.

Mulberry Dress
Mulberry Nails
Mulberry Sofa

Colors that go with Mulberry

Of course, matching Mulberry with Lime Green is an obvious choice because these two complementary colors occur naturally in nature and offer a little bit of push and pull when it comes to their color temperatures on the color wheel.

Mulberry Dress Color Combination
Mulberry Nails Color Combination
Mulberry Sofa Color Combination

Mulberry Color Palettes and Schemes

Create a monochromatic color palette that feels feminine and light with Dark Moderate Pink, Very Dark Pink, Slightly Desaturated Pink, and Mulberry.

Mulberry Dress Color Palette
Mulberry Nails Color Palette
Mulberry Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Wallpapers that consist of Mulberry, Blue, and Green floral patterns on a Grey base color will have a country-chic feel. Flame stitch patterns with Mulberry, Violet, and Lime green will have a Mexican fiesta flair that feels jovial and inviting.

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