Mustard Color

HEX color code is #CCA957 and the RGB is 204, 169, 87

A pale dark shade of yellow named after the delicious condiment mustard. Mustard is a color of warmth, creativity, and diversity.

How the color is made: mustard is a dark shade of yellow, the darkening agent here is red, but don't add to much red to yellow so you don't end up having orange. And in RGB color space, its RGB components are 204/255 red (~80.0% of red), 169/255 green (~66.27% of green), 87/255 blue (~34.12% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it amounts to 17% magenta, 57% yellow, and 19% black, without adding any cyan.

History: mustard was been the name of the color of the mustard seeds since the 1840s, even though the color of the seeds is actually brown, yet mustard has been used to describe the color of the culinary rather than the seeds. We can see the color in many paintings as in 1660 drawing by Johannes Vermeer called The Milkmaid and their 1665 drawing Girl with Pearl Earings. Now, the color is used in cooking besides its usage as an accent to kitchen equipments.

Color in Action

Being a dark shade of yellow, mustard can be considered a subtle hue of happiness. Yet it has its own connotations, such as creativity, and mind evoking. It is less subtle than yellow, as it is not as vibrant, so it can be used without the fear of overwhelming the viewer, also it is more interesting than brown, while having some of its positive connotations.

Mustard Dress
Mustard Nails
Mustard Sofa

Colors that go with Mustard

Mustard works well with bud green and copper red, as these colors are analogous to mustard. It also work with cyan azure blue as it is a direct complementary, also it goes along with other cool colors such as violet, slate, blue, and indigo. Also it goes well with crimson and cinnamon.

Mustard Dress Color Combination
Mustard Nails Color Combination
Mustard Sofa Color Combination

Mustard Color Palettes and Schemes

A great color palette might include a couple of shades of mustard as secondary colors, alongside a dark shade of blue as a base color. Instead you can base your color palette on a light neutral, such as white, cream or beige, and use mustard as a primary color, also you can add sea green to your palette to have some live to it.

Mustard Dress Color Palette
Mustard Nails Color Palette
Mustard Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

The color can be used as a background color for restaurant menus, advertisement and other related graphics. For wallpapers though, the color can be used whether the plain color, or patterns with it. Patterns with mustard can be geometric or organic, as the color can resemble some animal skins.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton