Nude Color

HEX color code is #F2D3BC and the RGB is 242, 211, 188

Nude is a brownish white color, capturing the skin tone of most Caucasian people. It is popular not only in fashion design, but also in interior design due to its versatility.

How the color is made: the color nude is made by adding small amounts of brown to w a white base. And in RGB color space, its RGB components are 242/255 red (~94.9% of red), 211/255 green (~82.75% of green), 188/255 blue (~73.73% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it is comprised of 12% magenta, 22% yellow, and 5% black, with no cyan added to the mix.

History: without going deeper in history, nude was the color used to describe women's undergarments in 20s and 30s. Yet it was a color of high value for beauty and fashion industry from that time on. Before that the color was used to paint nude figures which are quite abundant through history.

Color in Action

The color can be considered a lighter shade than beige, meaning it is a very versatile color that fits any other color in the spectrum. It is connected with elegance, modesty, sophistication, transparency, openness and warmth. The color is also considered sexy and charming due to its connection with skin tones.

Nude Dress
Nude Nails
Nude Sofa

Colors that go with Nude

Like white, beige and other light neutrals, nude can be perfectly matched with any hue. But it works best if you picked up its undertone or its complementary. So, dark brown, and also black, are great pairings to nude. But to further enhance the contrast use a shade of blue, a light pastel would help creating a light and inviting vibe, where a dark blue will balance the palette.

Nude Dress Color Combination
Nude Nails Color Combination
Nude Sofa Color Combination

Nude Color Palettes and Schemes

To create an analogous color palette use nude with other shades of brown, from both sides dark and light. A color palette to make nude pop up a little bit might include white and other light shades of brown, or light purple pastels. You can add some vibrancy to nude by using a deep shade of brown like chocolate with tan and white as a base color. Also, you can use nude as a base for violet color palettes.

Nude Dress Color Palette
Nude Nails Color Palette
Nude Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Nude is a great color for both geometric and non-geometric patterns, but it is more beautiful with non-geometric curvy patterns as it gives the some bodily fluidity. As a neutral it can be used as a background for different kinds of graphics. That is also true for wallpapers, but it is better to use a painting or a pattern than using the plain color in order for the wallpaper not to appear dull.

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Abstract Lines
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