Ochre Color

HEX color code is #CC7722 and the RGB is 204, 119, 34

Ochre is a color commonly associated with fertility, agriculture, and the earth. A soil mixture that contains chalky and clay-like substrates has a distinct Ochre color that indicates it is nutritious and able to support the growth of healthy plants. Ochre is synonymous with vitality and sustenance.

How the color is made: Blending Dark Red with Light Yellow will produce an earthy Ochre color.

History: Traditionally, Ochre was a color that represented life and endurance. It was a color that was used to portray the richness of the earth as well as the hardships and tenacious spirit of the man who toiled in the earth to harvest his own food.

Color in Action

Ochre is seen in fashion design in all forms from activewear like hoodies and leggings, to stylish office wear like suits and coats. Ochre is particularly popular in footwear and handbags because of the vibrancy it brings to any outfit. An Ochre knitted sweater is the ultimate have-to-have item for Winterwear.
Ochre furniture has gained momentum since the early 2000s with L-shaped couches and occasional chairs being the order of the day.

Ochre Dress
Ochre Nails
Ochre Sofa

Colors that go with Ochre

Match Ochre with Strong Blue for a complementary color scheme that attracts attention and creates a cohesive design aesthetic. The Blue will tone down the warmth of the Ochre.

Ochre Dress Color Combination
Ochre Nails Color Combination
Ochre Sofa Color Combination

Ochre Color Palettes and Schemes

Monochromatic color palettes that include Ochre will have colors that are also in the warm Golden Orange range like Browns, Dark Orange, Soft Orange, and Light Grayish Orange. This palette will have a temperate effect that feels snug and cozy in designs.

Ochre Dress Color Palette
Ochre Nails Color Palette
Ochre Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Flame stitch patterns that have Ochre, Strong Pink, Lime Green, and Strong Blue will create a design that feels like a Mexican fiesta. Herringbone wallpapers that incorporate Ochre will have a rustic feel that produces a relaxed atmosphere.

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