Olive Green Color

HEX color code is #677A04 and the RGB is 103, 122, 4

Unlike bright greens, olive green is comfortable on the eye, both on screens and in real life. It have a very vibrant character without sacrificing calmness. With warmer colors, it have some significant weight and draws some attention, but it seems louder with pale colors.

How the color is made: it is mainly green but it is slightly yellowish, its RGB components: 103/255 red (~40% of red), 122/255 green (~48% of green), 4/255 blue (~2% of blue). But in CMYK color space it is more clear; it contains 97% yellow, 52% of black and 16% of cyan.

History: the name olive green first appeared in middle English between 1150-1500. and it has been used by militaries (especially in places where there are many greens); because it helps them camouflage and blend with nature.

Color in Action

Although, olive green has been reserved for military uniforms; because of it's camouflage abilities. But now it can be used almost everywhere as it is considered a neutral color. It fits being used in living rooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. It can be paired with different colors which make it a great fit for a wide variety of tastes.

Olive Green Dress
Olive Green Nails
Olive Green Sofa

Colors that go with Olive Green

For a harmonious look and feel, use olive green with soft yellows and creamy colors. But other cool colors such as deep blue, deep violet, and dark turquoise create striking contrast with olive green. Other colors also pair well with olive green such as: tan, beige, and maroon.

Olive Green Dress Color Combination
Olive Green Nails Color Combination
Olive Green Sofa Color Combination

Olive Green Color Palettes and Schemes

Analogous colors with olive green create an interesting and eye-comforting palette. But using cool colors such as yellows, pinks or neutral light colors such as beige and cream, creates dynamic visuals, as you don't have to worry about them taking people's attention form olive green.

Olive Green Dress Color Palette
Olive Green Nails Color Palette
Olive Green Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Natural and organic patterns tell a different story when colored using olive green. It can be paired with other light yellowish colors for creating perfect backgrounds for different kind of graphics. And as always, nothing as a natural view fits computer screen or your wall as they are comforting and stress relieving

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Abstract Lines
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