Olive Skin Color

HEX color code is #CCBE8B and the RGB is 204, 190, 139

A mid-tone skin color that is quite common in a wide geographic stripe. Olive skin is a warm pale greenish shade of human skin tone. It gives a very fleshy and organic look and feel for in visual media.
This color have a hint of both green and yellow, hence it screams with life, youth, and happiness with a suggestion of slight playfulness and tinder.

How the color is made: olive skin is a slightly dark greenish yellow color, it consists of: 204/255 red (80% of red), 190/255 green (~74% of green) and 139/255 blue (~54% of blue) in the RGB color space. But the composition is clearer in CMYK color space used in printers where it has 32% of yellow, 20% of black and only 7% of magenta without any cyan.

History: the color olive skin didn't get its name from olives themselves but rather from olive oil as it is a slightly dark greenish yellow color.
Occurence: Being a skin color make it abundant in portraits, especially in the mediterranean. And in modern times, we can see skincare products featuring olive skin among others.

Color in Action

Olive skin is a target for fashion designers and makeup artists to invent matching colors and other skincare products. But being a dark greenish yellow color give it a view for happiness, life, and nature obedience.

Olive Skin Dress
Olive Skin Nails
Olive Skin Sofa

Colors that go with Olive Skin

Neutral colors are great if used as base colors alongside olive skin. But other pale cool colors also work well with olive skin; just keep in mind not to use vibrant colors in exaggeration as they will be not great and would take attention out of the richness of olive skin. But to get a cool match use colors that are slightly darker or lighter than mid-tone, oranges, light greens, purples and turquoise are also good matches.

Olive Skin Dress Color Combination
Olive Skin Nails Color Combination
Olive Skin Sofa Color Combination

Olive Skin Color Palettes and Schemes

All the previous colors are good for two color combinations, yet to add more combinations you can use light creamy colors or golden colors as base colors to your graphics, or even in fashion.

Olive Skin Dress Color Palette
Olive Skin Nails Color Palette
Olive Skin Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Geometric pattern can be rendered using olive skin; but organic patterns are more suitable for the color. It can be used as a part of color-swatch-featuring graphics. Such pattern can be used as backgrounds or wallpapers as the color is neutral (make sure to tune down olive skin for a more neutral look).

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton