Orange Color

HEX color code is #FFA500 and the RGB is 255, 165, 0

Before the emergence of the name orange as a color, it was simply yellow-red capturing both passion of red and cheerfulness of yellow. Orange have different connotation throughout history, and different interpretations amongst cultures all of which are positive.

How the color is made: in RYB classical color space, orange is made by mixing equal parts of yellow and red, or depending on the tone you want to achieve you can vary percentages, also it can be made by mixing two parts of green with red, as equal parts of red and green yield yellow then proceed with adding more red to achieve orange. In RGB color space though, it amounts to 255/255 red (~100.0% of red), 165/255 green (~64.71% of green), with no blue. And in CMYK color space, its CMYK components are 35% magenta, 100% yellow, without black or cyan.

History: the color was known before it was named orange and we can trace its usage back to ancient Egypt where it was used to paint tombs, shifting to east we can find orange as a sacred color in Buddhism and Hinduism as it is associated with enlightenment and self-discovery. Noteworthily, orange, the fruit and where the color takes its name, was imported from the East and have origins in Sanskrit.

Color in Action

Orange, being a blend of the two warm colors red and yellow, comes across as inviting, passionate without over-exaggeration, not overwhelmingly happy yet still having a firm hold of this great sensation. Also, due to its natural coloring of many fruits and vegetables, it suggests health and deliciousness and improves appetite; likewise it is a color of Autumn, invoking many good memories about this season and might be a great color choice in such times to showcase your obedience to mother nature. Orange, due to its high contrast against blues and greens make it a color choice for safety boats, jackets and life rafts.

Orange Dress
Orange Nails
Orange Sofa

Colors that go with Orange

Natural color choices for colors that matches orange are its parent of similar warm nature, reds, yellows and even other shades of orange. But a complementary to orange is blue, making the color also a great match. Other cool colors such as sea-green, turquoise and purples are also good colors that works well with orange.

Orange Dress Color Combination
Orange Nails Color Combination
Orange Sofa Color Combination

Orange Color Palettes and Schemes

Color palettes that include orange are better to be based on cool colors such as blue or a duet of purple and light blue. For a more vibrant and warm color palette, use orange with red and yellows, you can tone them either by using dimmed tones or adding neutrals such as light gray, black or white; these color palettes are best suited to capture sunsets or Autumn landscapes. Use greens alongside dark browns to add more life to orange color palettes.

Orange Dress Color Palette
Orange Nails Color Palette
Orange Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

As many nature-inspired colors, orange is better suited to be used as a background and a foundation color for Autumn landscapes and sunsets, likewise patterns of nature containing orange, especially as a color for secondary objects like flowers or leaves, are particularly interesting. Equally beautiful are geometrics based on orange as it adds some enthusiasm to them, notably, the color boosts productivity in work spaces; hence these patterns make beautiful and practical wallpapers fpr offices.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton