Orchid Color

HEX color code is #DA70D6 and the RGB is 218, 112, 214

Orchid is a color of a dichotomy because on one hand, it represents all things dainty and feminine but on the other hand, it has also come to symbolize passion and desire—just think of the covers for Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton book series. Orchid’s bright playful hue makes it a popular choice for party decor and interior accent pieces.

How the color is made: Orchid is made by blending Very Pale Magenta with Strong Magenta into a color that blooms both in fashion and on the page.

History: Traditionally, Orchid symbolized youthful femininity and playfulness. Before the 1800s Orchid represented marriage and unity and was worn by brides on their wedding days instead of the more modern White version worn today.

Color in Action

Versace’s Spring-Summer 2023 collection saw Orchid creations strut up and down the catwalk to a flurry of excitement and pleasure. Onlookers adored the Orchid numbers from tiny cocktail dresses to platform shoes that were both high glamour and robustly classic.
Orchid’s appeal is not lost on interior designers with Guillermo Santomà taking it to the next level with an irresistible bathroom design. Orchid creates a nurturing feel in a room and also works well in bedrooms.

Orchid Dress
Orchid Nails
Orchid Sofa

Colors that go with Orchid

Match Orchid with Soft Green and Soft Cyan for a split-complementary color scheme that mimics the lushness of tropical rainforests and rosy flowers. Orchid and Light Green play well together because of the balance they offer each other.

Orchid Dress Color Combination
Orchid Nails Color Combination
Orchid Sofa Color Combination

Orchid Color Palettes and Schemes

Try using Orchid with colors like Soft Pink and Soft Violet for a delicate feminine tonal experience that will feel carefree and engaging in a design.

Orchid Dress Color Palette
Orchid Nails Color Palette
Orchid Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Gingham patterns in Orchid and White look summery and fun, while Orchid and Black harlequin wallpapers add a flirtatious and sporty look to a design.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton