Pastel Yellow Color

HEX color code is #F8F1AE and the RGB is 248, 241, 174

Pastel Yellow is a buttery Yellow that is often seen on delicate dresses in Spring time. Studies have revealed that Pastel Yellow improves concentrations and knowledge retention which is why it is used as the base color for Yellow legal pads.

How the color is made: Pastel Yellow is made by blending White with Soft Yellow, to create a subtle warm color that feels as light as a petal.

History: Historically Pastel Yellow was used to depict dishonesty and betrayal which is evident in the Pastel Yellow robe that covers Judas in the mural by Giotto.

Color in Action

Nowadays, Pastel Yellow is used to signify joy, intellect, and splendor. It can be seen on the fashion runways in Milan and in streetwear when worn in oversized hoodies too. Since 2020 Pastel Yellow has been featured in designers’ collections like Celine, Alexandre Vauthier, and Miu Miu.
Pastel Yellow is a favorite color for expectant mothers who don’t want to impose societal gender norms on their babies because for years it has been considered a gender-neutral color. Pastel Yellow bedding and decor pieces add a whimsical element to a room because they mimic the look of lemon sherbet and cotton candy.

Pastel Yellow Dress
Pastel Yellow Nails
Pastel Yellow Sofa

Colors that go with Pastel Yellow

Matching Pastel Yellow with Dark Moderate Blue will create a color scheme that feels cool and light. Conversely, pairing Pastel Yellow with a Dark Grayish Yellow will lend an air of authority and dignity.

Pastel Yellow Dress Color Combination
Pastel Yellow Nails Color Combination
Pastel Yellow Sofa Color Combination

Pastel Yellow Color Palettes and Schemes

Pastel Yellow color palettes will often include other pastel colors like Pastel Blue and Pastel Pink that reminds one of delicate macaroons and other delicious baked confections.

Pastel Yellow Dress Color Palette
Pastel Yellow Nails Color Palette
Pastel Yellow Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Wallpaper that uses Pastel Yellow as a base color can include chevron or checked designs in white. A Pastel Yellow pattern that has Blue Gray cubes will add depth to the room.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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