Petrol Color

HEX color code is #005F6A and the RGB is 0, 95, 106

Mermaid-core is the latest micro-trend dominating the fashion runways, social media feeds, and award show stages and Petrol is one of its main colors. Petrol is a blue-green color that is darker than teal and has slightly more green pigment than ocean blue.

How the color is made: Petrol is made by combining strong cyan with black to create a blueish-green hue that has depth and shimmer.

History: Petrol has traditionally been associated with contemplation and harmony because of its blue and green combination. These two colors give Petrol the feeling of stability and success.

Color in Action

Designers like Oscar de la Renta have been using colors like Petrol in their collections for some time now, with laser cutout blazers and beaded cocktail dresses taking center stage. Petrol is often used alongside colors like black, green, and red when creating tropical designs that mimic the depth and intrigue of the jungle.
Use Petrol in a modern kitchen design to add some interest and style. Appliances in Petrol give the space some intrigue while also adding some dynamic focal points to the space. For a particularly dramatic effect paint the wall at the end of a passage a Petrol color and place a large gilded mirror on the wall.

Petrol Dress
Petrol Nails
Petrol Sofa

Colors that go with Petrol

Petrol looks amazing with metallic bronze and dark red because these colors create a striking split-complementary color scheme that feels eccentric.

Petrol Dress Color Combination
Petrol Nails Color Combination
Petrol Sofa Color Combination

Petrol Color Palettes and Schemes

Very dark (almost black) cyan, Petrol, aquamarine, and strong cyan can be combined to create a monochromatic palette that feels oceanic and cool.

Petrol Dress Color Palette
Petrol Nails Color Palette
Petrol Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Use Petrol and cream in an ogee pattern to create an interesting design. A harlequin design with Petrol, white, red, and gray will create a sporty feel in the design and can be used as wallpaper in an entrance area.

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