Pink Color

HEX color code is #FFC0CB and the RGB is 255, 192, 203

Pink is a soft and light shade of red that captures some of its associations of love and passion without its intensity, hence it is used as an alternative. It is widely considered a feminine color where in fact it suits both males and females from different backgrounds.

How the color is made: pink is made by adding a small amount of red to white, just enough to change the color. And in RGB color space, its RGB components are 255/255 red (~100.0% of red), 192/255 green (~75.29% of green), 203/255 blue (~79.61% of blue). Where in CMYK color space, it is made up of 24% magenta, 20% yellow, and 0% black, with no cyan added to the mixture.

History: pink was known since the time of Homer, yet the word pink only fostered in the 17th century by Greek. The next century, pink became a trend amongst aristocrats and the upper-class, and it was equally favoured by males and females. The association between pink and femininity only appeared after world war II. The word pink was adopted from a flower

Color in Action

The color pink having more amount of white than red and that makes the meaning of the color shifts more towards white's politeness, cleanness, sincerity and opacity. Where having more associations of its own like charm, sweetness, nostalgia and childhood, femininity and romance. The welcoming appearance contributed to all of these associations. But the color is also found in nature like flowers, flamingos, seashells and gemstones, so adding some green will make pink flourish.

Pink Dress
Pink Nails
Pink Sofa

Colors that go with Pink

Pink, being a warm color, works with almost all cold colors, but the most fitting candidates are light blues and light greens. Pink also works well with similar colors such as peach, other pinks and roses.

Pink Dress Color Combination
Pink Nails Color Combination
Pink Sofa Color Combination

Pink Color Palettes and Schemes

To create a warm color palette use pink with red, roses, peach and greens. Yet to tone down the warmness, aim for the blues, especially pastel blues.

Pink Dress Color Palette
Pink Nails Color Palette
Pink Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Pink is a muted version of red, where you probably can't use red as a full-paint or a background without exhausting the observer's eye; instead use pink to get the same effects of red without its exaggeration. Patterns of flower are best suited for pink, while it seems like a trivial choice, it still does wonders. In wallpapers, you can use the plain color without fear of appearing dull, but for more interest use a flower pattern or a graphic based on pink.

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