Pistachio Color

HEX color code is #93C572 and the RGB is 147, 197, 114

Pistachio is a warm green hue located between jade and yellow-green on the color wheel. Its subdued color makes it ideal for evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and sophisticated home and party decor.

How the color is made: To make Pistachio, mix very pale yellow with dark green to create a color that looks cool and crisp like a scoop of pistachio ice cream.

History: Pistachio has traditionally been a color associated with nature and fertility. It can also be used to depict honesty and freshness because of its close link to foliage and growth.

Color in Action

Pistachio has grown in popularity as an elegant color for evening wear since Grace Kelly wore her Pistachio green gown designed by Edith Head in 1955. It was rumored to be the most expensive dress at the time at a whopping $4,000.00. Jennifer Lopez wore a gorgeous Pistachio green vintage off-the-shoulder Valentino gown with intricate beading to the 2003 Oscars that will go down in history as one of the most elegant looks to ever grace the red carpet.
Use Pistachio in children’s bedrooms as a gender-neutral color scheme that feels fun and soothing. Its warm tone will make a room feel homely and nurturing.

Pistachio Dress
Pistachio Nails
Pistachio Sofa

Colors that go with Pistachio

Match Pistachio with heather for a complementary color scheme that mimics nature's flowers and leaves. Match Pistachio with evergreen and hunter green for a tonal look that feels natural and calm.

Pistachio Dress Color Combination
Pistachio Nails Color Combination
Pistachio Sofa Color Combination

Pistachio Color Palettes and Schemes

Pistachio also works well with sage, dark brown, red, and light gray for a color palette that feels like a field of blooming tulips.

Pistachio Dress Color Palette
Pistachio Nails Color Palette
Pistachio Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Wallpapers with Pistachio and white checks feel playful and will create an energetic aesthetic. Paisley patterns with Pistachio, dark green, orchid, and cerise can give a space a delightful country feel.

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