Puce Color

HEX color code is #CC8899 and the RGB is 204, 136, 153

The color Puce has the distinction of being the exclusive color worn in the French courts at the Palace of Versailles during Marie Antoinette's reign. The color Puce is a feminine hue that speaks of antiquity and refined taste.

How the color is made: Puce is made by mixing Dark Red with White to produce a dust hue that is a cross between Mauve and Light Pink.

History: When the Austrian-born dauphine had a muted Pink-Mauve dress made, her husband King Louis XV remarked that it looked like “C’est Puce” (or flea-colored) and whether as an act of spite or total disregard, Marie Antoinette declared the new color her favorite and the official color of the Palace.

Color in Action

Puce is a color that is popular in cosmetics and beauty products. Light Puce lips give a complexion a fresh and youthful look, and a little Puce blush powder on the cheeks gives the skin a healthy glow.
Interior designs that incorporate a Puce color scheme can have any number of accessories adorned in this voluptuous color. A velvet lampshade or tapestry with Puce and Gold accents will make the decor feel elegant and indulgent.

Puce Dress
Puce Nails
Puce Sofa

Colors that go with Puce

Match Puce with Slightly Desaturated Lime Geeen for an eccentric color scheme that plays with contrasting colors on the color wheel to create a sense of tension in a design.

Puce Dress Color Combination
Puce Nails Color Combination
Puce Sofa Color Combination

Puce Color Palettes and Schemes

Monochromatic color palettes with Puce will include colors like Moderate Pink, Dark Moderate Pink, and Light Grayish Red and will create an aesthetic that feels distinctly feminine and playful.

Puce Dress Color Palette
Puce Nails Color Palette
Puce Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Backgrounds that have Puce, White, and Gold stripes harken back to the days of Marie Antoinette and her decadent lifestyle. Floral patterned wallpaper in Puce will give a space a Regent feel, while Puce and Light Lime Green paisley patterns will feel playful and whimsical.

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