Purple Color

HEX color code is #800080 and the RGB is 128, 0, 128

One of the majestical colors that is not only associated with power, authority and royalty. But it is also deeply connected with stimulating imagination, let alone its majestical and spiritual qualities.

How the color is made: purple is a balanced mix of red and blue, and it can be made by mixing them in wet media. The same can be said about RGB color space used in screens where it is made up of 128/255 red (~50.2% of red), 128/255 blue (~50.2% of blue), with no green component. And in CMYK color space, it is composed of 100% magenta, and 49% black without cyan or yellow.

History: due to the rarity of the pigment, but also because the color is really full of pride, it was a color choice of royals and upper-class, from Julius Caesar to Queen Cleopatra. The color was expensive due to rarity of sources and hand work devoted to produce the pigments, for instance tyrian purple requires thousands of snails with a tedious process to produce a small amount. Until a synthetic pigment was produced in the 19th century to kick start a revolution in the fashion world.

Color in Action

Purple, being a mix of red and blue, inherits some good qualities from both sides. It takes passion and stimulation from red while governing that with the calmness and tranquil effects of blue. Wether used in fashion or interior design, it gives an aura of calmness while suggesting luxury and authoritative governing. It is even now a trend as a hair dye and in graphics it will look stunning especially with gradients.

Purple Dress
Purple Nails
Purple Sofa

Colors that go with Purple

Using purple with greens will give it the only thing it lacks, life. Looking at purple's energy with greens ability to regenerate will create a great vibe worthy for putting in any place. Purple works well with alike colors such as indigo, tyrian purple and other shades of the color. Dark shades of brown, and vibrant blues are also great additions to your palette.

Purple Dress Color Combination
Purple Nails Color Combination
Purple Sofa Color Combination

Purple Color Palettes and Schemes

To create a dark, yet analogous color palette use purple with other dark shades of it with black and dark grays. You can add white to that palette to create a sky and an atmospheric vibe. To get back to earth, you can use greens with purple, and using a lighter shade of purple such as lavender or another neutral as a base color. You can also use dark yellows to achieve a similar effect. What works best in interior design is basing in a lighter shade of purple and adding dark brown furniture with a purple accent.

Purple Dress Color Palette
Purple Nails Color Palette
Purple Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Unlike red and blue, purple can be used as a background color for different kinds of graphics, without making them appear overly energetic and exhausting or dull and boring to death. Patterns of any kind can be painted in purple, wether organic or geometric, especially if a gradient with a good matching color was used. Patterns, gradients or the plain color can be used as a wallpaper for both digital or physical media.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton