Purpura Color

HEX color code is #8D8485 and the RGB is 141, 132, 133

A warm greyish shade of purple. And it is graciously said that "Purple is the magisterium ...", signifying the power and majesty purple tells. Purpura in the other hand, takes a position in the purple spectrum that is neither pale nor exaggerated, reflect the true nature of purples.

How the color is made: purpura is made by mixing pink and red colors, and in RGB it consists of 141/255 red (~55% of red), 132/255 green (~51.7% of green), and 133/255 blue (~52.2% of blue). And in CMYK color space it can be made by mixing tiny amount of magenta (~6.5%) and yellow (~6%) with a significant amount of black (45%).

History: the word purple is derived from its latin origin purpura, so it is understandable why purpura can be considered the essence of being purple! Purple colors were associated with power and wealth as only aristocracy can afford buying clothes dyed with purple due to its high price, it moved on to become sacred in the reign of Christianity, it was the main clothing color for religious figures. In modern times, multiple artists praised purple, to the point of being criticized as having violettomania, as they believed atmosphere - or in their words - fresh air is violet.

Color in Action

From ancient times, purpura held annotations of wealth, power, spirituality, and wisdom. And opposing to vibrant purples, purpura is easy-going on the eye. Psychologically, it is associated with stimulating wild imagination, curiosity and comfortable and dreamy sleep.

Purpura Dress
Purpura Nails
Purpura Sofa

Colors that go with Purpura

Even though purpura is not found abundantly in nature; it pairs well with green and, of course, deep blues. Yet, other colors such as bronze (especially pale tones) are also good matches for purpura! Also it works well with various shades of gray (though not mid tone grays).

Purpura Dress Color Combination
Purpura Nails Color Combination
Purpura Sofa Color Combination

Purpura Color Palettes and Schemes

For an analogous look and feel, use mid tone deep purples and dark pink. But to create a more interesting color dynamics, sea green and sea green are really good options, yet it is better to use purpura as the base color and others as accents.

Purpura Dress Color Palette
Purpura Nails Color Palette
Purpura Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

The colors suggests exotic, yet brain-stimulating vibes, especially if used as a background color for graphic pieces and paintings. Wallpapers suggest power, authority and wisdom at the same time, yielding a boost of self-esteem. Patterns of every kind (especially geometric) will be great if rendered using purpura with appropriate selection of secondary colors

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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