Rosa Color

HEX color code is #FE86A4 and the RGB is 254, 134, 164

Rosa is a bright Pink that falls in-between Hot Pink and Baby Pink. It has the appeal of being a good color for fashion items that mustn’t look too trendy or too childish. Where Baby Pink feels more innocent, Rosa balances the line between virtue and sensuality. It is a great color for lingerie and intimate wear.

How the color is made: Mix Vivid Red with White and the result will be an exquisite shade of Pink that will feel like it has been plucked fresh from the garden.

History: Typically Rosa is a color associated with feminine intrigue and sexuality. It is the color of desire without the intensity of infatuation or raucous fantasy.

Color in Action

Valentino's fall/winter 2022 runway show in Paris spawned Rosa’s popularity in what fashion insiders are calling Barbie-core. The abundance of Pinks from Rosa to Hot Pink runway designs and street fashion is cementing this season’s hottest color as any color that has a Pink hue.
Rosa works great in living room spaces and home office design. It can work well with Gray, White, or Black to create well-balanced aesthetics that feel trendy and classic at the same time.

Rosa Dress
Rosa Nails
Rosa Sofa

Colors that go with Rosa

Match Rosa with Soft Blue and Soft Green for a triadic color scheme that has a modern feel with a playful twist. This color scheme creates a festive vibe and is great for party decor and designing one-of-a-kind invitations on an easy-to-use online design application site.

Rosa Dress Color Combination
Rosa Nails Color Combination
Rosa Sofa Color Combination

Rosa Color Palettes and Schemes

Use Soft Pink and Soft Red with Rosa to create an analogous color palette that feels fresh and whimsical.

Rosa Dress Color Palette
Rosa Nails Color Palette
Rosa Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Moroccan lattice patterns with Rosa and Cream White will make the design stand out, while fun animal print wallpapers with Rosa and Coffee will add an interesting element to a space.

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Abstract Lines
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