Rose Gold Color

HEX color code is #B76E79 and the RGB is 183, 110, 121

Rose gold is a part of the pink color family, but it takes some of gold's suggestion of luxury and affluence. Unlike other shades of pink, rose gold is considered a gender neutral color. Not only that, the soft hue make it more flexible and consistent with a wide range of colors from both sides warm and cool.

How the color is made: rose gold can be made by mixing pink and gold pigments, alternatively; it can be made by mixing yellow, red, and gray. Yet in RGB color space, it is made up of 183/255 red (~71.76% of red), 110/255 green (~43.14% of green), 121/255 blue (~47.45% of blue). And in CMYK color space used in printed media, it consists of 39% magenta, 33% yellow, and 28% black with no cyan added to the mix.

History: rose gold is relatively a new color, it got its name from an alloy made by mixing gold with copper and traces of silver. The first time this alloy was made was in the 19th century, by the Russian jeweler Carl Fabergé. Then it triggered a chain of events leading to using rose gold by conglomerate companies in the jewel industry.
Occurence: Now it is a popular color choice not only in jewelry, but also in clothing, interior design, kitchen tools, cars, and even mobile phones.

Color in Action

Mixing pink and gold lead to tone down the feminity of pink, and the exaggeration of gold. While taking moderately from both, resulting in a great, modern, and slightly neutral color that works well in fashion, interior design, accessories, and the likes. We can sum up rose gold by saying it is a universal color. The combination gives a metallic look to the pink; and the association of gold with wealth, transfers seamlessly to rose gold.

Rose Gold Dress
Rose Gold Nails
Rose Gold Sofa

Colors that go with Rose Gold

The complementary to rose gold is teal, and together they make great gradients that are assured to look modern. Using other shades of pink will add more feminity to rose gold, also add cream of white as a base in order not to overwhelm the viewer. Shades of blue such as baby blue are wonderful alongside rose gold.

Rose Gold Dress Color Combination
Rose Gold Nails Color Combination
Rose Gold Sofa Color Combination

Rose Gold Color Palettes and Schemes

Picking up on the undertone of the color is always a good choice for creating the perfect color harmony. Making pink, gold, copper, and other metallic colors great additions to your color palettes. Browns, especially light shades and mid-tones also works well with rose gold, but in a color palette that contains browns, it is better to use cream as a base color.

Rose Gold Dress Color Palette
Rose Gold Nails Color Palette
Rose Gold Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Even though the color seems to fit multiple kinds of patterns, it is more aligned to fit geometric and heavily connected symmetrical patterns. Also, it works well with patterns of circles, and elliptical shapes. In wallpapers, it gives a feeling of modernism and some practicality due to its metallic feeling.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton