Rosewood Color

HEX color code is #621B21 and the RGB is 98, 27, 33

Rosewood is a color associated with strength, open-mindedness, and receptivity. It is a color that speaks of nature’s abundance and fortitude. Furniture and drapery the color of Rosewood depicted stoicism and valor because these hardy furnishings were built to last.

How the color is made: Rosewood is made by blending Moderate Red with Black to create a warm hue that looks exactly like the deep Red sap that bleeds from the bark when the Rosewood tree is cut down.

History: Rosewood is a strong wood that is traditionally used to make musical instruments because of its strength and durability, and this deep color was often used in aristocratic homes as a way to display the families’ affluence and stability.

Color in Action

Boots in the color of Rosewood pull an outfit together by anchoring the fabrics worn on the body to a dark foundation piece on the feet. Handbags in a Rosewood color have a timeless elegance that speaks to stylishness beyond flaky trends.
Interiors done in a Rosewood color harken back to earlier times and catalyze in the mind a sense of eminence and prestige.

Rosewood Dress
Rosewood Nails
Rosewood Sofa

Colors that go with Rosewood

Rosewood and Deep Green match fantastically well because their dark tones balance each other out and give a mood board a well-rounded feel. Be sure to include a lighter color like Cream white and metallic elements to enhance Rosewood’s richness.

Rosewood Dress Color Combination
Rosewood Nails Color Combination
Rosewood Sofa Color Combination

Rosewood Color Palettes and Schemes

Not surprisingly, Rosewood looks amazing when included in a Red color palette, and even an ornate Rosewood armchair can look like a seat fit for a queen when upholstered in plush Pink velveteen.

Rosewood Dress Color Palette
Rosewood Nails Color Palette
Rosewood Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A brocade pattern in Rosewood with Cream, Emerald Green, and Gold thread looks decadent and instantly elevates a room or design. Wallpapers with Rosewood and White animal prints add an adventurous look to a design or space.

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Abstract Lines
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