Rouge Color

HEX color code is #D7707E and the RGB is 215, 112, 126

Rouge is a color that has the warmth of ruby red and the subtleness of amaranth. It is a color that is popular in the cosmetics industry because it has a youthfulness and healthy glow in its hue. Rouge has a slightly dusky look that makes it feel less harsh and brighter than other pinks like rose and hot pink, but it is also a little more saturated than dusty pink.

How the color is made: Mix very pale magenta with very dark red to create the dewy rosiness of rouge.

History: Historically, Rouge has been a color associated with youth and vigor. In Renaissance paintings, the artists used touches of Rouge on the cheeks and brows of their subjects to communicate their innocence, acquiescence, and vitality.

Color in Action

Rouge is often used in blush products that makeup artists apply to the apples of the cheeks to give the face dimension and a healthy flush. People who have pale complexions that they want to liven up can use Rough powders and mouses on areas of the face and neck to add contour and color.
Use Rouge in a room that feels cold and that needs a little more of a homely feel. Rouge’s warm hue makes it well-suited to be used in babies' rooms because it feels nurturing and calming.

Rouge Dress
Rouge Nails
Rouge Sofa

Colors that go with Rouge

Match Rouge with slightly desaturated cyan for a complementary color scheme that balances cool tones with gritty warm hues.

Rouge Dress Color Combination
Rouge Nails Color Combination
Rouge Sofa Color Combination

Rouge Color Palettes and Schemes

A color palette that includes Rouge, dark red, moderate red, and bubblegum pink will take full advantage of the calming and romantic effect this monochromatic palette can achieve.

Rouge Dress Color Palette
Rouge Nails Color Palette
Rouge Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Trellis patterns in Rouge can add a whimsical feel to a design, or try an ikat design on wallpaper for a look that attracts attention. A background design with gingham checks in Rouge and white will fill like an autumn picnic.

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