Royal Purple Color

HEX color code is #4B006E and the RGB is 75, 0, 110

While Royal Purple certainly symbolizes nobility, it also represents compassion, wisdom, and dignity. The fresco painted on the ceiling in the Chapel of Nicholas V in Vatican City, showcases the grandeur of Royal Purple, with the four evangelists, St. Matthew, St.Mark, St. Luke, and St. John, depicted on the backdrop of a Royal Purple starlit sky.

How the color is made: Royal Purple is made by mixing Pure Violet with Black to create a color that mimics the depth of the night sky.

History: Traditionally, Royal Purple was reserved for royalty because the color was extremely rare and expensive to make. Fabric dyers would need to capture hundreds of sea snails and crush them to acquire enough dye for a single robe.

Color in Action

A Royal Purple Coat can add a touch of luxury to an outfit, and a Royal Purple satin blouse can give a romantic flair when worn for an evening out. The Fall 2022 collections from designers like Carolina Herrera, Coach, Bronx and Banco, Alberta Ferretti, and PatBo boasted showstopping runway looks that quickly spilled into fashion retail stores.
Even kitchen designers have incorporated Royal Purple into this functional space to add an element of passion and creativity with jewel mosaic Royal Purple backsplashes behind the stove or boldly painted center islands.

Royal Purple Dress
Royal Purple Nails
Royal Purple Sofa

Colors that go with Royal Purple

Not surprisingly, Royal Purple matches well with Cream White to subdue its intensity. Royal Purple can also pair well with Evergreen to mimic nature, in the way African Violets perch on their deep velvety leaves.

Royal Purple Dress Color Combination
Royal Purple Nails Color Combination
Royal Purple Sofa Color Combination

Royal Purple Color Palettes and Schemes

An analogous palette with Royal Purple, Very Dark Blue, and Very Dark Magenta creates a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Royal Purple Dress Color Palette
Royal Purple Nails Color Palette
Royal Purple Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Geometric patterns with Royal Purple, White, and Sky Blue can be used to create a statement wall, while Damask patterns with Oatmeal and Gold elements can enhance the resplendence of the color.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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