Ruby Color

HEX color code is #E0115F and the RGB is 224, 17, 95

The color Ruby symbolizes love and passion and was revered by early cultures because it was believed to be a color associated with the essence of life which is present in the blood. Because Ruby was so closely connected with passion and blood it was often attributed to madness too. In Chaim Soutine’s “The Madwoman” portrait the central figure is clothed completely in Ruby and the background is painted Brick to symbolize the frenzied state of insanity.

How the color is made: Ruby is made by combining Vivid Magenta and Strong Red to create a hue the color of plump ripe raspberries.

History: Historically, Rubby meant power and intensity and was used to convey authority and compassion. Conversely, it was also a color associated with aggression and revolution and can be seen in several portraits portraying war.

Color in Action

A signature color in many wardrobes is Ruby because of its charismatic appeal and vibrancy. Designers the world over add a pop of Ruby to their collections to break the mundanity of bleak colors, and Conner Ives was no exception when he created a bejeweled Ruby dress with delicate spaghetti straps for his runway masterpiece in 2022.
Use Ruby as an accent wall in an entryway with Black framed portraits to create a striking first impression for visitors, or as a racy pop of color in a lampshade.

Ruby Dress
Ruby Nails
Ruby Sofa

Colors that go with Ruby

Match Ruby with a complementary Lime Green to mimic the freshness of raspberries perched on leafy bushes, or try an analogous match with Bright Magenta and Vivid Red to create a carnival vibe.

Ruby Dress Color Combination
Ruby Nails Color Combination
Ruby Sofa Color Combination

Ruby Color Palettes and Schemes

Ruby works well with other shades of Red and Pink to create a consistent grade of color that feels lighthearted and jovial.

Ruby Dress Color Palette
Ruby Nails Color Palette
Ruby Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Ruby looks good in a ditzy floral pattern because of its feminine appeal, but it also works well in geometric wallpapers when paired with Charcoal and Cream White to create a bold design statement.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton