Russet Color

HEX color code is #80461B and the RGB is 128, 70, 27

The color name Russet means Reddish-Brown from the French original rousset which appears to refer to the potato variety of the same name. Because Russet is often associated with soil, it usually creates a sense of earthiness, serenity, comfort, and oneness with nature. Typically, monks who live in monasteries where robes the color of Russet to signify simplicity and humility.

How the color is made: Russet is made with a combination of very Light Orange and almost Black-Red and mimics the nourishment of the earth.

History: Historically, the use of russet implied wisdom and humility. The use of Russet to symbolize discernment and sageness is evident in the fresco titled “Stanza Della Segnatura” by Guillaume de Marcillat, where Pope Gregory is dressed in Russet.

Color in Action

Russet is considered a warm neutral color because of its reddish-orange undertones and works well in coats and shoes. Vintage-looking Oxblood Doc Martin shoes have a Russet color as the dominant color and create a robust and brawny look in an outfit.
Russet also looks fantastic when used in leather finish furniture because it creates a warm and inviting space. A deep Russet-colored executive office chair can lend an element of prestige and wealth to an office space.

Russet Dress
Russet Nails
Russet Sofa

Colors that go with Russet

Russet looks regal and Herculean when paired with a Dark Teal-Blue because the warmth and coolness balance each other so well.

Russet Dress Color Combination
Russet Nails Color Combination
Russet Sofa Color Combination

Russet Color Palettes and Schemes

A Deep Brown, Russet, Dark Orange, and Medium Orange monochromatic color palette can feel boring so it is best to incorporate colder colors like Dark Blue or Dark Cyan to enrich Russet’s deep tones.

Russet Dress Color Palette
Russet Nails Color Palette
Russet Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A floral pattern with Light Pink flowers, Bottle Green leaves, and Russet branches on a Cream White background will allow Russet’s depth to contrast well with the lighter colors and create a country cottage feel. A Russet wallpaper with Cream and Gold stripes will give a study a sense of grandeur.

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