Rust Color

HEX color code is #B7410E and the RGB is 183, 65, 14

Despite the feeling of dirt you might get when you hear the word rust, the color rust is very energizing hue of brown, it is vibrant and warming due to its reddish undertone.

How the color is made: you can make the color rust by combining red, orange and brown together. And in RGB color space, its RGB components are 183/255 red (~71.76% of red), 65/255 green (~25.49% of green), 14/255 blue (~5.49% of blue). And in CMYK color space, its CMYK components are 64% magenta, 92% yellow, and 28% black, with no cyan added to the mix.

History: rust got its name from iron oxidization process, it originated from Proto-Germanic word "*rusta*" meaning redness. We can find this warm hue in Frida Kahlo's self portraits. In modern times, we can see rust in art deco, and grafitti art around the world. Let alone its usage in interior design, especially in furniture, as the color have both the groundedness of brown, and the passion of red buried underneath the surface.

Color in Action

Rust, is closely related to brown and red. It is an implicitly vibrant color, that is some how more subtle than red but more assertive and proud than brown. Rust can be also considered a dark shade of orange, so it inherits some of the positive associations with rust, such as warmth, originality, it will seem inviting. Also, rust takes some of the qualities of brown, making highly finished furniture in rust are really great and luxurious.

Rust Dress
Rust Nails
Rust Sofa

Colors that go with Rust

Rust works well with cool colors like blues and violets, as these tone down its warmth; and they create a great dynamic with our color. Rust also works well with warm colors like dimmed gold and purplish pinks. With greens, you add more life to rust and make it appear more alive, that is tru for both vibrant greens such as yellow-green, and muted greens like pastels.

Rust Dress Color Combination
Rust Nails Color Combination
Rust Sofa Color Combination

Rust Color Palettes and Schemes

With blues, rust will be exaggerated and popped up, add a neutral as a base color so you don't overwhelm the viewer with pulling and pushing back and forth between rust and cooler colors. Other warm colors such as yellow-green, dimmed gold and purplish pink will definitely be wonderful alongside rust, and its uncanny warmth will lighten and cheer you up any time. With greens, especially muted greens such as sage green, rust will appear more lively and dynamic, use different shades of both to reach a great color palette.

Rust Dress Color Palette
Rust Nails Color Palette
Rust Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Rust can be used as a background color for landscapes because the color can be considered an earthly hue, but in other forms of art, rust seem exotic and daring as it is strange to base an entire art piece on rust. Wallpapers that are based on rust are beautiful whether they are digital or physical, but more beautiful if you used an earthly pattern where rust will strive.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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