Sable Color

HEX color code is #6E403C and the RGB is 110, 64, 60

Sable is best described as a copper-blonde metallic Brown. It is a color best associated with the lively and friendly rough collie, Lassie, who enchanted audiences throughout the 1950s and 1970s. Sable is a gorgeous color seen on both faux and real fur coats and depicts a sense of luxury and class.

How the color is made: Soft Red with Black

History: Ginger was traditionally associated with the fur coats and collars that hunters wore when hunting for food for their tribes in ancient villages. It is a color associated with provision and strength.

Color in Action

Though Sable-colored (or any colored) fur is frowned upon nowadays there was a time before synthetically manufactured fibers when wearing these garments was the only way to shield humans against the cold. That being said modern dyeing technology means that designers can replicate Sable with remarkable accuracy to the true hue, making it a must-use color in the design process.
Sable works well in a dining room because its Orange hue has been proven to stimulate appetite and digestion. It has a more subtle feel than Pure Orange because of its darker shade and makes a room feel warm and enveloping.

Sable Dress
Sable Nails
Sable Sofa

Colors that go with Sable

Pair Sable with a dark desaturated Cyan that borders on Deep Teal to create designs that seem to recess into their surroundings but simultaneously speak to a luxury and bountiful means.

Sable Dress Color Combination
Sable Nails Color Combination
Sable Sofa Color Combination

Sable Color Palettes and Schemes

Sable plays well with Dark Moderate Red and Light Desaturated Red to create a harmonious color palette that mimics the lustrous fur of red bears and wild caracal cats.

Sable Dress Color Palette
Sable Nails Color Palette
Sable Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Use Sable in a background that has patterns done in a Fleur de Lis motif with Light Teal and Gold to create a look that feels classic with a twist. Of course, Sable also looks fantastic in animal print wallpapers that use Onyx as the secondary color.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton