Saffron Color

HEX color code is #E98C36 and the RGB is 233, 140, 54

Michelle William’s 2006 Saffron delight by Vera Wang was equal parts sunshine and lioness. Saffron has a thrilling effect on the senses because of its vibrancy and natural shimmer. Saffron has a warm undertone thanks to the inclusion of orange in its composition. It is a color that attracts immediate attention, so only wear it if you want all eyes on you.

How the color is made: To make Saffron mix very light yellow with strong orange this will result in a saturated color that looks like water that has had Saffron stamens soaked in it.

History: In Hindu tradition, Saffron is the color of the saints and signifies their devotion to the religion. In Hindu Saffron means sunset (Kesariya) and Fire (Agni) and is symbolic of the quest for salvation, enlightenment, and sacrifice.

Color in Action

Because of Saffron’s bold intensity basing an entire outfit on this color can feel overpowering and distracting. Try instead to wear a Saffron tank top with beige slacks and a black jacket for a more toned-down look. Another color that looks awesome with Saffron is navy because of its colder tone which can stand up to Saffron’s audacious hue.
Use Saffron as an accent color in the kitchen or dining room because of its powerful effect on cheeriness and appetite. The vibrancy of Saffron also makes it a friendly color that encourages jovial attitudes and lively conversation.

Saffron Dress
Saffron Nails
Saffron Sofa

Colors that go with Saffron

Match Saffron with bright blue for a complementary color scheme that can hold its own in terms of temperature balance and harmony. But also try a moderately desaturated blue for a toned-down look.

Saffron Dress Color Combination
Saffron Nails Color Combination
Saffron Sofa Color Combination

Saffron Color Palettes and Schemes

A monochromatic color pattern that includes Saffron will have pure yellow and pure orange as its partnering colors, which can feel a bit citrusy.

Saffron Dress Color Palette
Saffron Nails Color Palette
Saffron Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A ogee pattern with Saffron and black will definitely make a statement. Also, try wallpaper designs that use Saffron and cream chevron patterns for a dynamic look.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton