Sage Color

HEX color code is #B9D0AA and the RGB is 185, 208, 170

A light weight green that graciously held the name "sage". A very close tint is featured by the american currency to suggest the power of wise green. Sage took the name that could've been taken by a shade of blue for a reason!
It can replace white and be used as a base color because it is not as bright to sight, and it gives almost the same effects as white plus some unique characteristics.

How the color is made: sage is comprised of high values of red, green and blue with significant green dominance in RGB color space: 185/255 red (~72% of red), 208/255 green (~81% of green), 170/255 blue (~66% of blue). And in CMYK color space it is made by mixing 11% of cyan with 18% of yellow and 18% of black.

History: sage can be seen coloring exteriors for shiny look that abides with natural views; also being a light green make it usable for creating lighting in plant painting, or places where green mixes with white backgrounds.
Occurence: Also it is used in brochures advocating environmentalism, and of course it can be seen coloring the background of American currency.

Color in Action

As other green colors, it gives a refreshing and relaxing vibe. Observing sage in your bed room after a long work day will definitely be a great relieving mechanism to prepare you for a sweet deep sleep. Also, its clean look will add a healthy look for your kitchen and bathroom. Not to mention the wise figure you'll pose if you used it in your clothing.

Sage Dress
Sage Nails
Sage Sofa

Colors that go with Sage

Obviously it can be used as a base for other green - or generally nature-inspired colors - with its easy-going and comforting aura. But other light cool colors such as pale purples and pale blues make up for more interesting; yet comfortable color combination. Vibrant cool colors can be used as an accent for your graphics, but you should mind their weight not to takeover observer's attention!

Sage Dress Color Combination
Sage Nails Color Combination
Sage Sofa Color Combination

Sage Color Palettes and Schemes

Analogous color palettes fit the mood of being tired, stressed and not wanting any disturbance. As sage, alongside other pale greens, will be a peaceful remedy. Other pale cool colors will add enough color variation to give instant mood swing from feeling tired and will be a gate way to comfort. Mid-tone browns can be used as an accent to draw some attention to key figures in your piece without exaggeration.

Sage Dress Color Palette
Sage Nails Color Palette
Sage Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

As wise as a sage, the color can be used in backgrounds almost everywhere, especially in modern decorations. Both organic (plant, branches and leaves) and geometric patterns are equally nicely rendered using sage which make them great to be used as wallpapers both electronic and physical.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton