Sage Green Color

HEX color code is #887766 and the RGB is 136, 119, 102

Sage green, as the name suggests, is a calming, relaxing and very soothing grayish shade of green.
Unlike warm greens, sage is very neutral and can be used easily in many types of graphics playing the role of a dark background color.

How the color is made: sage green can be made by mixing green with gray, or in RGB color space it is a combination of 130/255 red (51% of red), 119/255 green (~47% of green) and 102/255 blue (40% of blue). And in CMYK color space (used in printers), it consists of 12% magenta, 25% yellow and 47% black without any cyan.

History: the name is derived from dried sage leaves, and we all know that green pigments have been used since the dawn of humanity, As they are easy to generate and use. You can see sage green in ancient drawing from various nations such as ancient Egypt and Greece.

Color in Action

Sage green can be suggests wisdom, peace and mindfulness. Also, it shows a sense of security, alongside other characteristics of green such as being full of life, youth and a capacity for growth.

Sage Green Dress
Sage Green Nails
Sage Green Sofa

Colors that go with Sage Green

Dark pale cool colors such as blues, taupes, and dark teal are good matches for sage green. Other dark shades of green are also good fits for sage green. Being slightly close to brown make other pale shades of brown analogous to sage green.

Sage Green Dress Color Combination
Sage Green Nails Color Combination
Sage Green Sofa Color Combination

Sage Green Color Palettes and Schemes

Using greens, browns, and grays create interesting color palettes with sage green. But for more interesting contrasts, use dark metallic blues and violets. Black and white can also be great for a base with sage green, also very dark grays and very light ones to create good contrast between sage green and these colors.

Sage Green Dress Color Palette
Sage Green Nails Color Palette
Sage Green Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Plain sage green backgrounds suggest being old in yellowish papers, geometric patterns are also greatly rendered using sage green. And almost always wood patterns with creamy colors as bases, make up great natural looks for backgrounds and wallpapers.

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Abstract Lines
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