Salmon Color

HEX color code is #FA8072 and the RGB is 250, 128, 114

Salmon is a fishy color, it is hard to pinpoint to a specific color, it is a red, an orange, and a pink at the same time; yet you can't say it is either of them.

How the color is made: the color is made by mixing pink and orange into a white base. Though in RGB color space, it consists of 250/255 red (~98.04% of red), 128/255 green (~50.2% of green), 114/255 blue (~44.71% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it is composed of 48% magenta, 54% yellow, and 1% black without any cyan added.

History: salmon was first introduced by Crayola in late 1940s, and the name was picked to describe this hue due to being the average color of the fish flesh. Now the color is used extensively in cosmetics and fashion, and although the color is close to pink, it is still used in menswear. Also, the color is popular in interior design, where it can be used as a primary color and an accent.

Color in Action

Salmon inherits qualities from its both parents, pink and orange. It takes warmth from both, and take energy and feminine care from pink, and adds a flavour of excitement, a burst of optimism, and a dose of confidence taken from orange. Being warm and vibrant makes salmon eye-catchy, and the bizarre blend of colors embedded further puzzle the mind.

Salmon Dress
Salmon Nails
Salmon Sofa

Colors that go with Salmon

The complementary color of salmon is light cyan, and together they make a great duet. Salmon goes along with topaz and cyclamen, and they create an analogous and harmonious vibe together. Our color matches well with greens, such as sea green, light green and other vibrant shades of green.

Salmon Dress Color Combination
Salmon Nails Color Combination
Salmon Sofa Color Combination

Salmon Color Palettes and Schemes

To create a harmonious color palette use salmon with warm color like topaz, tangerine, cyclamen and dark pastel red. But for a more dynamic color palette, use it with light cyan or any other light shade of blue. Add more life to your palette by using green alongside salmon.

Salmon Dress Color Palette
Salmon Nails Color Palette
Salmon Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Patterns that can work well with salmon are non-geometric patterns; as some of these closely resemble the fish flesh, yet wavy patterns alongside blue are equally beautiful. The color can be used as a background color fpr cloudy sunsets, but it is also extensively used as a background color for graphics related to cosmetics. Whether the plain color or a pattern, or even a gradient with a compatible warm color make up for interesting wallpapers.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton