Sand Color

HEX color code is #ECCCA2 and the RGB is 236, 204, 162

Think of the Badain Jaran Dunes in Mongolia and China, and you’ll be able to identify the color Sand. Its soft pale golden brown color makes Sand look like the land has been bleached of its color. Beaches that extend for miles and miles of golden sandy bliss have a relaxing and tranquil effect on a person’s mood purely because of Sand’s warm and welcoming color.

How the color is made: To make sand combine white with soft orange. This will make a color that looks like macadamia nut butter.

History: Traditionally, Sand was considered a plain and neutral color that symbolized the tenacity and gumption of human beings as they toiled the earth for their sustenance.

Color in Action

Sand’s muted grainy tone makes it the perfect fashionable color because it can pair with any other color like sky blue, rose, white, black, emerald green, and so much more. Because Sand is lighter than camel but darker than caramel it enhances whatever color it is matched with. Sand-colored pants with a black blazer and a white shirt look stylish and exude a sense of confidence.
Sand-colored interior walls create a neutral base on which designers can build their entire design portfolio and brief. Try Sand on the exterior walls of a home for a way to make a house stand out on the block.

Sand Dress
Sand Nails
Sand Sofa

Colors that go with Sand

Match Sand with very soft blue and very soft cyan for a split-complementary color scheme that shifts the warm tone of Sand into a cooler temperature zone so that the color swatches feel refreshing.

Sand Dress Color Combination
Sand Nails Color Combination
Sand Sofa Color Combination

Sand Color Palettes and Schemes

A color palette that incorporates Sand with light grayish orange, cream, and alabaster might feel a little boring so be sure to include darker browns and some bronze to liven it up.

Sand Dress Color Palette
Sand Nails Color Palette
Sand Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Sand wallpapers with stripes in dark brown and orange will make a design feel dynamic and interesting. Use a leopard pattern with Sand and black for a different look.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton