Sandal Color

HEX color code is #A3876A and the RGB is 163, 135, 106

Sandal is a soft brown color that is darker than maple but lighter than sand. Its mixture of yellow and red gives it a warmer undertone that can instantly enhance and liven up any color scheme, whether in interior spaces, graphic designs, or fashionable clothing.

How the color is made: To make Sandal mix very pale yellow with very dark red.

History: Historically, Sandal has been a color associated with rustic themes and rural activities. It looks like the color of bauxite sediment because of its warm tone and clay-like appearance.

Color in Action

Sandal is a fabulous color to use as outerwear like jackets, coats, raincoats, and ponchos because of its neutral hue and tendency to match well with other colors. Its warm hue makes it pair well with reds when the ensemble needs to feel feisty or blues when the outfit needs to be more toned down.
Use Sandal for graphic designs that have to do with outdoor adventures like camping, mountain biking, hiking, or off-roading because of its similar tone to sand and tree bark. Sandal’s natural look will enhance an image or design because it has a rustic and homespun look.

Sandal Dress
Sandal Nails
Sandal Sofa

Colors that go with Sandal

Match Sandal with very desaturated dark pink, desaturated dark blue, and desaturated lime green for a tetradic color scheme that will look like a colorful bouquet picked fresh from the countryside.

Sandal Dress Color Combination
Sandal Nails Color Combination
Sandal Sofa Color Combination

Sandal Color Palettes and Schemes

Pair Sandal with russet, sable, rosewood, and chocolate for a pleasant monochromatic tone with some dusty and warm hues that are reminiscent of horse rides and hay bales.

Sandal Dress Color Palette
Sandal Nails Color Palette
Sandal Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Wallpaper designs with stripes in Sandal, cream, and dark brown can look formal and quaint in a home. Sandal trellis patterns with bright blue and white will feel like a farm-style home with some character.

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Abstract Lines
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