Sea Green Color

HEX color code is #53FCA1 and the RGB is 83, 252, 161

Sea green is a blend of green and blue. Blue symbolizes wisdom and calmness which often renders as very serious and professional. Sea green keeps a subtle clue of wisdom, but the green part adds some life to it; hence sea green is often more user friendly.

How the color is made: Sea green is a mix of green and blue, and it is considered a cool combination of them; yet it have a hint of red and that can be inspected from its RGB components: 83/255 red (~32% of red), 252/255 green (~99% of green), 161/255 blue (~63% of blue).

History: Sea green (and other blue-green combinations) had been used since 1700s, but they gained popularity in the 1950s.
Occurence: It can be seen coloring beetle car often, also it is still coloring even buildings in Cuba!

Color in Action

Various hues of green-blue colors' names are related to sea such as sea foam green and sea green. It is obvious how the blue and sea are related; yet how green came up to the picture? (apart from being an essential component of sea green).
Green symbolizes life and growth, but we all know that sea was the beginning of life itself. Also if we took a dive into the ocean or big lakes we'll see marine coral; and green is predominant there.
Sea green can be used in decorations to give a living aura to the place, also being a cool color make it very eye friendly.

Sea Green Dress
Sea Green Nails
Sea Green Sofa

Colors that go with Sea Green

Other shades of green perfectly harmonize with sea green. Blue and pale yellow colors also work well with sea green as we see them in beaches. Use deep browns and black to strike a balance with this cool color.

Sea Green Dress Color Combination
Sea Green Nails Color Combination
Sea Green Sofa Color Combination

Sea Green Color Palettes and Schemes

Beside colors mentioned above (beach colors, or browns and black), use violet to make small elements of your design stand out. Also, bright greens and blues create interesting gradients with sea green.

Sea Green Dress Color Palette
Sea Green Nails Color Palette
Sea Green Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Sea wallpapers are a very great example of how you can use sea green. When it comes to patterns, symmetric shapes create a marine vibe. And to emphasize that vibe; use fractal-patterns.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton