Sepia Color

HEX color code is #704214 and the RGB is 112, 66, 20

If nostalgia had a color it would be Sepia with its rusty and antique look. The dominant brown tone in Sepia puts it in the category of neutral colors and it is the color often used on belt design, work shoes, and factory-type attire because it can conceal stains quite well.

How the color is made: Mix bright orange with black to create Sepia which is a tone often seen in old photographs.

History: Historically, Sepia was a color of the military and was used in shoe colors, duffel bags, hats, and trucks. It is a utilitarian color because of its versatility and rustic look.

Color in Action

Sepia is seen in coat designs and jacket designs because it pairs well with most color combinations. A melton Sepia coat paired with a caramel-colored pair of trousers and a cream blouse will have a sophisticated monochrome look that transitions well from day wear to evening wear for a quick drink after work.
Sepia is a good choice for living rooms and dining rooms and can be elevated with the inclusion of a few metallic accessories and ornaments.

Sepia Dress
Sepia Nails
Sepia Sofa

Colors that go with Sepia

Match Sepia with very dark blue, very dark pink, and very dark green for a genteel look that feels poised and refined. Sepia can pair nicely with very soft orange and light grayish orange for a muted light look.

Sepia Dress Color Combination
Sepia Nails Color Combination
Sepia Sofa Color Combination

Sepia Color Palettes and Schemes

Use Sepia with alabaster and chocolate colors for an understated monochromatic color palette that is solemn and circumspect.

Sepia Dress Color Palette
Sepia Nails Color Palette
Sepia Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Backgrounds that are plain Sepia can be used for product photography and inventive lighting strategies to create a refined and poised look that will elevate the appeal of the brand. Plaid patterns in Sepia, white, black, and a little red feel traditional and classic. Sepia wallpaper with a toile design will add a country feel to the design.

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