Silver Color

HEX color code is #CDD0D4 and the RGB is 205, 208, 212

A metallic gray color that closely resembles the color of the metal coating anti-vampire bullets, silver!

How the color is made: silver can be made in paint by mixing equal parts of black and blue, and lightening that with some white. Like any gray, in RGB color space it is made by mixing equal red, green, and blue lights, and in the case of silver, it is about 192/255 or ~75% of the color component. In CMYK color space though it is made with 24% of black without adding any colorful hue.

History: the metal and the color have extensive history, silver was considered more valuable than gold in Ancient Egypt. In Greece it was believed to embody the moon, and in the middle ages it was considered protective against evil. We can see the color in various art forms from paintings to silver statues, let alone its usage in accessories.

Color in Action

The color seems as a symbol of status and prestige, even though the color is a plain gray. Grays are versatile and can seem dull some times, silver takes the versatility part without being dull. The metallic look of the color makes it highly valuable for many industries from automobiles to kitchen suppliance, pick any thing around you, and you'll find there a silver choice for it. The color is a sign of hard work and success as many 2nd position awards are colored silver just after gold.

Silver Dress
Silver Nails
Silver Sofa

Colors that go with Silver

The color is a neutral color, meaning it works with any color selection you choose; you just have to pay attention to other colors' harmony, if they work well together, you can simply insert silver and you are good to go.

Silver Dress Color Combination
Silver Nails Color Combination
Silver Sofa Color Combination

Silver Color Palettes and Schemes

You name it, silver works with any color palette whether it warm or cold. For example with pinks and similar shades the color palette will look feminine. With white and light neutrals, the color pop up to reveal a sophisticated and modern look.

Silver Dress Color Palette
Silver Nails Color Palette
Silver Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

There is never too much of silver, that means the color can be used as a background color for any kind of graphics, the same goes with wallpapers; though gradients with other grays further intensify the metallic look and make the color shines even more. Metallic gradients, crystal patterns and other forms of geometric patterns are the patterns that works well with silver.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton