Tan Color

HEX color code is #E7C39C and the RGB is 231, 195, 156

Tan is light shade of brown, that works with a variety of colors. The color evokes the feeling of being in an oat field that is equally refreshing and inviting.

How the color is made: tan is made by lightening up brown with some white. And in RGB color space, it consists of 231/255 red (~90.59% of red), 195/255 green (~76.47% of green), 156/255 blue (~61.18% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it is comprised of 15% magenta, 32% yellow, and 9% black, without any cyan added to the mix.

History: tan got its name from the process of turning animal skin to leather - tanning, which is derived from old German for oak bark tree that produces a chemical which is used in tanning, called tannum in English. The first use of the word to describe the color was in 1590. The color has been used by militaries around the world as a camouflage alongside khaki and shades of green. Now, the color is dominant in the fashion industry, like in cloths and shoes; yet another use of the color is sunbathing, which is called tanning as the color of your skin becomes a little closer to ta

Color in Action

Browns evoke the feeling of stability, dependability, and security, due to their resemblance of earth, tan also inherits that from browns. Tan is also a simple color, and when used right it gives a modern look to the place put. The color can also look antique, as most things yellow with time, and in some cases they tend to move towards browns. Lastly, the color is associated with leather, which communicates a genuine an organic message to the viewer.

Tan Dress
Tan Nails
Tan Sofa

Colors that go with Tan

Tan is a neutral color, which means you can pair it with almost any color in the color spectrum. Yet, due to its brownish look it works best with other browns, greens and blues. Also, if you are planning to build up a light color palette, consider using pastels such as pale yellows, violets and pinks. Yet, vibrant colors grab attention and make tan more subtle, so use them if you want to achieve such an effect. In fashion though, tan looks really simple and to the point with no exaggeration and drama, and makes you look mature, and the good thing is it works with any skin tone and all sexes!

Tan Dress Color Combination
Tan Nails Color Combination
Tan Sofa Color Combination

Tan Color Palettes and Schemes

You can make up a great color palette and then add tan to with affecting any harmony you've built, as the color works with almost any color. But to create an analogous color palette, you can use tan with other shades of brown, both light and dark shades. Add white, light gray, and silver for adding a more modern look for your palette. To add some live and further pick up on tan's organicity, use green such as forest green, matcha, olive, or even sage green.

Tan Dress Color Palette
Tan Nails Color Palette
Tan Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Organic patterns, as well as geometric ones, will look sophisticated and interesting, whether they are base on tan or it is just an accent. The color can be used as a background color for landscapes, and also for painting portraits. For screen, whether the plain color, a pattern, a painting with tan, or a simple gradient with a warm vibrant pastel, tan will ensure not to hurt your eyes as you look at it, it will look equally beautiful for physical Wallpapers.

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