Tangerine Color

HEX color code is #FF9922 and the RGB is 255, 153, 34

Tangerine has a golden glow like a pristine sunset on a dewy horizon. It is a vibrant color that is symbolic of sociability and creativity and is often used in designs to add an intense pop of color that attracts attention and stimulates activity. Tangerine is a color often associated with citrus fruits and health drinks and is used extensively on these types of product packages.

How the color is made: To make Tangerine mix Light Yellow and Pure Red for a hue that looks like it has been poured straight from the sun.

History: Tangerine was a color that was historically associated with the sacred and devout people would often wear it to symbolize their purity.

Color in Action

Brands like Fanta, Harley-Davidson, Nickelodeon, and Mastercard use Tangerine to evoke excitement and a sense of activity for the companies. Because Tangerine is such a bright color there is no need for designers to create complicated designs that can confuse customers.
Tangerine is a fantastic color to use in the kitchen because it stimulates hunger and digestion. It is also a friendly color so cherry conversation is pretty much guaranteed when Tangerine is used in a space.

Tangerine Dress
Tangerine Nails
Tangerine Sofa

Colors that go with Tangerine

A split-complementary color scheme with tangerine, Vivid Blue, and Vivid Cyan has a seaside feel like the bright beach boxes that make Brighton beach so popular.

Tangerine Dress Color Combination
Tangerine Nails Color Combination
Tangerine Sofa Color Combination

Tangerine Color Palettes and Schemes

Pair Tangerine with Strong Orange and Light Brown for a monochromatic tone that feels natural and invigorating. Or try Tangerine with Bright Blue for a design that attracts instant attention.

Tangerine Dress Color Palette
Tangerine Nails Color Palette
Tangerine Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

An Ogee design in Tangerine, Yellow, and Brown looks funky and amusing. Geometric wallpapers that use Tangerine, Black, and Gold elements bring an interesting aspect to designs where the main goal is to attract potential customers.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton