Teal Blue Color

HEX color code is #01889F and the RGB is 1, 136, 159

Teal Blue combines the calming and peaceful hue of blue with the fertile and harmonious color of green. Teal has positive connotations of idealism, creativity, trust, surety, compassion, and industriousness. It is a color that is often used in logo design to communicate the strong values of the company, like Nivea, Ford, HP, and OralB, which have all used a variation of Teal Blue in their branding and marketing.

How the color is made: To make teal Blue mix vivid cyan with a deep dark navy blue.

History: Traditionally, Teal Blue has been associated with strength, masculinity, trustworthiness, and innovation. It is a color that has strong ties to finance because of its green undertone.

Color in Action

Zendaya wore a gorgeous Teal Blue vintage couture dress to the Time 100 Gala event in 2022, and as always fans were delighted. The dress had panels with various textures and types of fabric as well as different Teal Blue saturation levels to add intrigue to the design.
Use Teal Blue in the home by incorporating little pops of color or go full out and paint an entire wall in this greeny-blue hue. Satin cushion covers look amazing in Teal Blue because of the way the light reflects the blue and green colors.

Teal Blue Dress
Teal Blue Nails
Teal Blue Sofa

Colors that go with Teal Blue

Match Teal Blue with ochre and scarlet for a unique take on the usual split-complementary color combination that will feel original and interesting.

Teal Blue Dress Color Combination
Teal Blue Nails Color Combination
Teal Blue Sofa Color Combination

Teal Blue Color Palettes and Schemes

Teal Blue has the advantage of having two distinct color variations when used with the right materials that play with light in an interesting way, so try pairing it with blue variants and green tones to create a mysterious underwater feel.

Teal Blue Dress Color Palette
Teal Blue Nails Color Palette
Teal Blue Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Teal Blue backgrounds with swirls and marbling will feel like ripples and waves in water and are good for summer photoshoots. Use Teal blue in geometric wallpaper designs for that wow factor.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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